Bangalees stand against rioters

A view on what happened and more importantly what did not happen last Monday in Tower Hamlets :-

From the Dhaka Daily Star

Members of Bangalee community fended off looters and chased them out of neighbourhoods in London that saw a lull in violence yesterday after three days of rioting.

In Whitechapel, home to Britain’s largest Bangladeshi population, Bangalee youths, who had gathered for evening prayers outside East London Mosque, had chased 70 masked rioters out of the neighbourhood on August 8 night, reports British national daily The Independent.

“There’s a real sense of community here, especially during Ramadan when people are supposed to look out for each other,” said Abdul Jalil, the manager of the Deshi Fish grocery store opposite the mosque.

“The shutters will come down this evening but I’m going to stick around in case the rioters come into the area again,” he said.

Mahbub Alam, 35, the proprietor of a computer shop in East London, said their intervention reflected the determination of the community to protect itself from the mob and make sure its shops and cafes did not suffer the same fate as others across the capital, reports The Daily Telegraph.

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