Bob the Considerate Constructor

Route to rubbish & recycle bins blocked by works

Residents normal route to the refuse area blocked for health & safety reasons

On Friday afternoon (29/10 – around 14.30) a resident from Ennerdale House was attempting to take some recyclable waste to the bins to the rear of the block. Unfortunately due to the ongoing piling works in the area the route to the bins was blocked by barriers erected for our health and safety. An onsite operative was informed of the situation and kindly offered to take the recycle bag round to the obstructed refuse area. Very polite and helpfull……

Fortunately our resident had the imagination to pose the question “What about the others?” and pointed out to the keen and eager to please constructor that perhaps others may wish to recycle refuse later in the day and even over the week end. Or even take out rubbish in bags too big for the regular chute that would need to go to the skip.

Solitary bin for 90 flats over the week end

So a single recycle bin was relocated out side the front door of the block.

Today on Saturday (30/10 – 17.00) this bin is almost full with both recyclable waste and general waste. So it is technically a contaminated recycle bin. The alternative general waste bins at the end of Derwent House are almost full.

The attitude of the contractors staff on the ground has been both helpful and polite but it seems that overall site management and planning of  works does seem to be sub standard and we have not yet started.

In the environment of a “live” (ie people live here) site it seems an act of negligence on the part of the contractor and EastendHomes, who are ultimately responsible, to not have competent site supervisors to formulate a plan of action to cascade to their staff to provide a reasonable strategy to enable residents to continue with thier lives with the minimum possible disturbance.

Any way Bob – enjoy your weekend.

The alternative general refuse bins at Dewent House - full by 12.00 Sunday

By Monday 1st November this was the situation

.......and the following Saturday

......and the following Friday - 12th November

....and Saturday the 20th

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