Bow Roundabout – Candle Lit Vigil – Updated


Two deaths to many

Candlelit Vigil

This Friday

18th November

from 6 pm

Local cycling groups Tower Hamlets Wheelers and Newham Cyclists are holding a candlelit vigil on Friday, 18th November from 6.00-7.00pm at Bow roundabout to pay respects to the two cyclists who have died there in the last three weeks.

Brian Dorling died on Monday 24th October and an as yet unnamed female cyclist on Friday 11th November.  Both cyclists were hit by left turning tipper lorries as they moved onto the roundabout to continue their journeys, Brian was travelling east and the woman travelling west.

Crossing Bow junction is a problem for local residents. Recently a cyclist was asked why he didn’t simply wheel his bike across the pedestrian crossings rather than bike around a dangerous junction. He had to explain the obvious, that there are no pedestrian facilities to cross these dangerous slip roads. Something needs to be done to make this junction safer for all.

Update 11.15 – London Assembly member John Biggs has now secured a commitment from Boris Johnson for an urgent safety review.

Boris and TfL agree urgent safety review of Bow Roundabout

Local London Assembly Member John Biggs today secured a commitment from the mayor and TfL to conduct an urgent safety review of Bow Roundabout, where two cyclists were recently killed.

At an urgent meeting called by John Biggs, the mayor and his transport officials agreed to report back within a week on how they intend to improve safety at the junction. The new commitment comes after John Biggs’ two-year campaign to increase safety at the roundabout.

Concerns about safety at the junction have been raised repeatedly. John first raised questions about the junction’s safety in October 2009. At his meeting with the mayor on Thursday John raised several concerns including:

  • Pedestrian and cyclist safety at the junction
  • Cycling Super Highways giving cycists a false sense of security
  • The safety of existing and planned Cycling Super Highways across London.

After the meeting local London Assembly member, John Biggs said: “I welcome this commitment from the mayor and TfL. It is important that they look into this as a matter of urgency and the necessary steps are taken to make the Roundabout safe for cyclists. All parties need to work together to find a solution and do all we can to avoid any more tragedies on our roads.”

In addition to Thursday’s agreement to review Bow Roundabout TfL are also working to:

  • increase HGV driver education
  • assess the safety of the HGV industry and in particular the types of vehicle that appear to be most regularly involved in these incidents
  • review all other Cycling Super Highways.