Building works have started…..but not according to plan

Full planning permission was passed on 22nd March 2010 but is subject to 28 conditions to be met. Many of them before work can be started (except foundations).

Condition 3Site Remediation – that is a report on possible land contamination. Has not yet been passed.

Condition 5Construction Management Plan has been refused.

Condition 3 Site ecology not yet been passed. To name but a few….. (more details on the Blog)

site 4 car park

Above shows plans for Eric Street and picture shows the reality. Our public open space covered with tarmac – not paving. Car park is larger than shown in plans approved by the Council – less space.

MERA have brought these issues and others to the attention of the Planning Department at the Council who are now interested in residents’ observations of what is going on on our estate.

Coniston House Car Park

Open space 2

The open space and car park behind Coniston House as shown in the approved plans.


Coniston House car park before commencement of building works


...and as it should after the building works. Note no increase in car park size. In fact it seems to be narrower with the addition of a grass verge and trees on either side.

You will probably have noticed an extension to the car park – again taking public space shown in the approved plans The developers claim this is only temporary. This will also be the site of a compound to access the new building. Were you informed? Also here and all around the estate we have seen some examples of bad practice including trucks reversing without assistance (see more here) and not leaving the Estate by the approved route.

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