Boheme Catalogue of Lies and Incompetence Results in Loss of Licence 4

Update Friday 22nd April

Tower Hamlets Licensing Sub-Committee yesterday agreed to REVOKE the Premises Licence for the nightclub at 562a Mile End Road where Kelvin Easton was murdered on 27th March (aka Boheme London; aka Broke London)

PC Cruickshank gave evidence for the Metropolitan Police who had triggered the review after the incident at the club on the 27th March that resulted in the death of Kelvin Easton. They provided strong robust evidence of how the licence had been breached:-

  • no CCTV recording equipment was being used.
  • there was no risk assessment as required by the Police ( a risk assesment would have allowed the police to provide the club with valuable information they may have had about the promoters)
  • the club was operating past the licensing hours
  • security had been very relaxed on the night and the knife bought into the club was not detected (in private the committee were shown CCTV footage from camaras on the street showing people entering from the side door without being checked).

After the police evidence was given two local Councilors, Cllr Rachael Saunders (Mile End East) and Cllr. Joshua Peck (Bow West) and residents Mark Taylor (Chair of MERA) and Stuart McCran (Chair of Eaton Terrace Residents Association) spoke to the committee highlighting the public nuisance aspect of the club’s activities and the behaviour of its customers in local streets.

After Benn Wilson (Licensee) and Ray Jezzard (Head of Security) had a chance to put their case.

The committee then retired to consider their decision which was licence revoked.

The Chair summed up the Committee’s decision:-

The Committee has listened carefully to both sides. On balance we find that:

  • Members found that on Saturday 26th and Sunday 27th March 2011 the club was in breach of its licensing conditions 9, 10 and 13. Members accepted the police evidence that the security protocol that night might not have operated in accordance with the licence conditions.
  • It was noted that Mr Wilson admitted that on the night the club operated in breach of condition 5 (CCTV cameras) and condition 11 (last entry time). Members accepted the police evidence that Mr Dante Williams, General Manager, was unaware of the licensing conditions and on balance Members accepted what the interested parties said in relation to the nuisance created by the club.
  • It was noted that on 26th & 27th March 2011 a young man was fatally stabbed on the premises by a knife. In view of Mr Wilson and Mr Williams admitted roles in the police investigation Members were unable to accept that Mr Wilson would honour the existing licensing conditions in the future. Therefore there were no additional conditions that were considered appropriate to promote the licensing objectives. Therefore the licence for Boheme was revoked because the club had failed to promote the prevention of crime and disorder, prevention of public nuisance and public safety.
  • RESOLVED – That the licence for Boheme, 561a Mile End Road, London E3 4PH be Revoked.

A full account can be found here – Broke-Boheme Nightclub Licence Revoked.

Taken from the LBTH website in supporting documentation – Download PDF here

Statement from Dante Williams (General Manager – Boheme) 27th March 2011.


Statement from Dante Williams (General Manager – Boheme) 30th March 2011.

Witness statement from Benn Wilson (Licensee) 31st March 2011

Witness statement from friend of the victim.

Did you attend Boheme that night?
Did you see or hear anything?
Do you have any information?
Call 020 8345 4142
Or if you wish to remain anonymous phone Crimestoppers 0800 555 111


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4 thoughts on “Boheme Catalogue of Lies and Incompetence Results in Loss of Licence

  • Concerned Resident

    I read the witness statements from Benn Wilson and Dante Williams with my jaw dropping further and further. If you’ve not yet read them I urge you to download // and have a read.

    Their witness statements only serve to make a bad situation so much worse.

    Their statements make a complete and total mockery of everything that was said at the time and since by the licensee, the manager and their representatives.

    The bottom line is that:

    1) The Boheme Club should NOT have been open on the night Kelvin Easton died. If Benn Wilson and Dante Williams had acted responsibly and properly complied with the terms of the licence then the club would have been shut – and Kelvin Easton would still be alive.

    2) The reason it shouldn’t have been open is that two incompetent irresponsible people decided to operate a nightclub without one of the basic security safeguards in place – a fully functioning CCTV system.
    – They did this knowing that to open without one meant the club was in breach of the terms of the licence.
    – Hence they opened up in the full knowledge that to all intents and purposes they effectively had no licence to operate.

    3) When the murder happened their very first thoughts were about how they were going to dig themselves out of the very large hole they had created for themselves

    4) So Benn Wilson and Dante Williams lied to the police and then they lied to the local residents.

    I have no doubt that Benn Wilson will have his licence revoked on Thursday. Any other action by the Licensing Sub Committee is completely unthinkable.

    Let’s also hope that the Licensing Authority ensure that the names of Benn Wilson and Dante Williams go on some sort of licensing “black list” (if such a thing exists) and that they are BANNED from ever being allowed to operate in any sort of licensee or management capacity in relation to any licensed premises.

    I imagine that if there is any justice in this world that won’t be where matters end…….

  • Mile-Ender

    Agree with ‘Concerned’: but will there be justice in this case? Benn Wilson and Dante Williams should never be responsible for running licensed premises in Tower Hamlets again – but also hosting any events here, where alcohol is served or not – as they have shown they cannot be trusted with public safety.

    Dante Williams said he went to the Troxy (on Commercial Road) to get more alcohol that night. Forget that he was already breaching conditions by supplying alcohol at Boheme after 2 a.m. – how was he able to get alcohol from the Troxy when he (apparently) had stopped working there? Does he still work at this venue – if so, the Troxy patrons are at risk. (As an aside, is the Troxy funded by the Council as well – it has the Council logo on their web site?) The East End Film Festival is on at the Troxy tomorrow night. The Licensing Authority must be looking into what happened at the Troxy the night of the murder, with Dante Williams obtaining alcohol there?

    Lastly, the CCTV story (final version) given to the police just doesn’t add up. Benn Wilson tells the police (finally) that the CCTV monitor is missing because the “person” (he cannot remember the name) removed it in “mid-March” (no date) after a disagreement, wanting full payment after initially agreeing to instalments. (The cost of the CCTV being only £1,200 and if Mr Wilson had paid some instalments, even less.) This is barely credible (and unproven still) but what about Saber Security’s part and potential liability in this, as well as Dante Williams’ in both working for Mr Wilson and supporting him in this story?

    We are meant to believe that not one member of Benn Wilson’s staff saw that night – or on previous club nights/events after the monitor was removed – that it was gone? And Saber Security (all 17 security personnel) did not check before starting work* (who manned the CCTV?) and then DIDN’T CHECK AFTER THE MURDER?

    The evidence of various licence conditions being broken also would have gone with the evidence of the murder, if the CCTV was actually in place.

    There should also be justice if there has been perjury or perverting the course of justice or a cover-up. Tower Hamlets Licensing Authority must prevent Benn Wilson and Dante Williams and Saber Security from involvement in any events in the borough (and with Dante Williams and his connection with the Troxy now, too), but the police should prosecute if any of these criminal allegations are proven.

    *”Saber Security Ltd is a privately owned company providing quality Security and paramedic services to the retail and entertainment industry.

    Staff would report to site, in time to carry out their safety checks as detailed below:

    Fire exits are clear, and all equipment and appliances have been checked to ensure working order and maintain safety.
    Customer and staff are all accounted for with the use of tally counters as per the license requirements.
    Any security personnel reporting for duty will enter their full name, badge number and expiry date, next of kin details and time in / out on the company time sheet provided.
    All relevant Health and Safety information is documented on appropriate paperwork as required.

    As part of the roles and responsibilities of our door supervisors, the following are included in their duties:

    Facilitate the smooth running and operation of the venue.
    Control ingress and egress of the venue and all exits.
    To maintain the venues search policy, professionally and politely.
    To ensure that patrons have a positive experience in a safe environment.
    Assisting patrons where required and dealing with their concerns.
    Observing the behaviour of patrons in the venue and maintaining the venues code of practice and conduct, by dealing appropriately and safely with those who are causing offence and potential danger or risk to themselves or others.
    To ensure that licensing laws are upheld to prevent any criminal offences occurring in the venue.”

    Saber Security also say this:

    “Insurance Cover
    Public liability cover is held to the value of £10,000,000 Employer’s liability cover is held to the value of £5,000,000. Copy certificates are available upon request.”

    In the pursuit of personal justice, perhaps Kelvin Easton’s family should be looking at what “paramedic” services were given by Saber Security and how the Employer – Benn Wilson – and the Employee, Saber Security, are potentially liable in other areas?