Consultation and engagement for Mile End

Consultation and engagement for Mile End

St Paul’s Church Tuesday May 17 at 6:00pm

The Local Development Framework Core Strategy was adopted in September 2010 and sets out the spatial vision for development over the next 15 years. It was developed to help shape the future of Tower Hamlets. This was after a poorly publicised Core Strategy public consultation exercise. It will affect all planning decisions for the next 15 years.

LBTH chart indicating public involvement

  • It aims to deliver 43,200 new homes in the borough.
  • A population increasing by over a third (80,000 people)
  • New ‘Town Centres’ will be created, including Bromley by Bow’s ‘Tesco Town’
  • Major office building will spread in Aldgate, Spitalfields and Canary Wharf for 100,000 additional office workers.
  • The council is accepting 10% of all London’s development in an area of less than 8 square miles.

The council now say the next step is to work with local residents and businesses on the development of three Development Plan Documents but with a Core Strategy already adopted how much real say will residents have in shaping the places they live in. The three documents are:-

  • Sites and Placemaking DPD – this will allocate sites needed for new infrastructure (including schools, health facilities, leisure centres, and Idea Stores) and larger scale housing developments.

Area designated as "Southern Grove" site by LBTH

  • Development Management DPD – this will set out policies to ensure individual development proposals will help to deliver the Core Strategy vision as well asrespond appropriately to their local surroundings.
  • Fish Island Area Action Plan – this will shape the regeneration of Fish Island, providing new homes and jobs and connecting Tower Hamlets with the wider Olympic Park legacy.

Sites and Placemaking is of particular importance for residents of Mile End as the Council have plans to relocate the Beatrice Tate School to Southern Grove. They will use money from the sale of the schools existing site plus any gains from additional residential build at Southern Grove to fund the school. One question would be what scale of additional residential build and how much social housing.

Galliard Homes have been toying with the idea for a building up to 30 storeys high with 124 residential apartments on the corner of Mile End Road and Burdett Road since 2007.

Strangely the St Clements Hospital site is not mentioned.

What does the council documentation say about the Southern Grove site? In “Suggested Sites” it says…

What is the possible use for the site?

The following use could be developed alone or with other compatible uses.

  • Primary school
  • District heating facility

{No mention of housing development. Though LBTH do plan residential build here. Cabinet report 12th January says  “The site is also large enough to accommodate some housing development opportunities” …..mixed development is required in order to cross subsidise the building”} Download here

This use is being suggested following the reasoning defined in paragraphs 2.6 to 2.9 on page 24. Any development would be subject to any relevant Core Strategy, Development Management and location or thematic specific guidance such as SPDs and Conservation Area Management Guidelines.

Why has this use been suggested for this site?

Primary School – The site has been identified within the development sites matrix as being suitable for a primary school using requirements stated within the Department for Education Building Bulletin 99: Briefing Framework for Primary School Projects (2009) and by conforming with adopted planning policy guidance.
District heating facility – the site falls within a focus area for potential district heating facilities within the LBTH London Heat Map Study (2011).

What does the adopted Core Strategy say?

The site falls within the Place of Mile End (SP12) which can expect medium housing growth until 2025 (SP02). The vision for Mile End seeks to regenerate the area for a mix of uses with active frontages on Mile End Road (SP12). The site is within Mile End town centre (SP01) {This is wrong! SP01 states Mile End is a Neighbourhood Centre and the Southern Grove site does not fall within this area}, a Local Office Location (SP06), an area of search for a new health facility (SP03), an area of search for a secondary school (SP07) and a low carbon area (SP11). For a complete policy context refer to appendix five.

Public events will take place across the borough throughout May and June, and the Council  is encouraging input from as many people as possible to ensure the plans reflect the needs and aspirations of everyone in Tower Hamlets.

  • Where would you like to see change in Mile End?
  • What parts should be preserved?
  • Do you have any suggestions for building heights and scales in Mile End?
  • Are there any heritage assets that should be recognised?
  • Are there any local views you would like to be designated?

Consultation and engagement for Mile End is at St Paul’s Church Tuesday May 17 at 6:00pm (map here).