Cuts to Come to Safer Neighbourhood Teams – Have your say.

We need to have our say to ensure local police teams continue to deliver an effective and relevant service in the right place at the right times.

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Due to recent budget restrictions the SNT (Safer Neighbourhood Teams) in the borough are going through a process of “reassessment”. We are told that the final form of things has yet to be decided and a series consultation events will take place over the next couple of weeks.

Two will be held in the Mile End East area:-

  • Friday 7th January 2011 (7.00pm)  at the Burdett Centre, Burdett Estate, E3
  • Wednesday 12th January 2011 (7.00pm) at The Centre Merchant Street, E3

Get involved in the future of neighbourhood policing – help to retain and improve the service you receive. Click here to comment online – or here to download PDF form to send or hand to your local SNT. You can also send comments by email to

The Metropolitan Police say they will review the scope and remit of what the SNTs provide.

“This will enable us to address the role of the different teams in the wider ‘safer’ family, such as safer schools officers, safer transport teams and town centre teams to ensure there is no duplication but a clear focus on delivering local priorities for crime reduction and ASB. We want to ensure the local teams are focussed on increasing public confidence and align their delivery to other changes to the policing model at it is agreed by Management Board”.

“What is the appetite for joint tasking, joint delivery and joint patrols within a neighbourhood management approach between local community safety partnerships to deliver local crime reduction and ASB priorities? In delivering local priorities for crime reduction and ASB, and in increasing public confidence, what do you think should be the remit and role of SNTs?”

“We would seek to protect the resources in neighbourhood teams; however if we do need to reduce numbers we will seek to do this relative to each borough. We will not at this time consider the permanent movement of SNT resources across boroughs. However through the review we will seek to be assured of the following, which may affect both the structure and numbers of officers and staff in each team”

“Meeting demand is a theme throughout the Development Programme which we are addressing through shift reviews and by re-aligning resource. We appreciate demand in relation to SNTs takes local perception of crime and confidence into account alongside call demand or crime levels. Currently a one-size fits all model across SNTs does not take account of this wider definition of demand”.

“How well do you think SNT shift coverage is currently aligned to demand on your borough?”

“How could we improve the coverage and alignment of SN resources to ensure we meet the actual and perceived levels of crime and ASB, as well as ensure continued public confidence?

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