Demolition starts on the walkway

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On Wednesday 12th January the footpath from Hamlets Way to the Mile End Road was closed without warning to local residents – so much for keeping us informed.
The following day a large JCB started crunching away at the footpath and garages.
The resulting dust drifted along the length of the bridge and up to the top floor walkway of the adjacent Windemere House where we know for sure an elderly gentleman with a heart condition lives. We spoke to his daughter yesterday and she tells me that they received no warning from the developer this work was due to commence today.

This work is having an adverse impact on the air quality of the site and those living close by. The planning conditions require the use of a hose/spray to damp down materials. There is a man with a low pressure hose vaguely pointing a hose in the general direction but as you will see from the video below but this is clearly ineffective. We contacted the efficient Tower Hamlets Environmental Health Team who, after a site visit confirmed the dust was excessive and stopped all works on site at 15.00. ´╗┐It was agreed with the contractor no works should take place until more suppression mechanism were on site.

EEH "vision for the ramp"

A quick historical note – what EastendHomes told us in the questionnaire during the run up to the ballot – from December 2003.

“Question 3 – Are you in favour of improving the ramp between Maplin Street and Hamlets Way with better lighting and by replacing the wall with railings to improve visibility? Please note that we do NOT propose to demolish garages below the ramp.”

And more lies at the time from Maureen McEleny (LBTH Director of Housing Management) in a letter to residents…. “There will not be “luxury flats” all over the estate. A small amount of redevelopment is proposed in areas where this will help counter anti social behavior…… read the letter here (PDF)

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