EastendHomes Lack of Consultation on Lease Variations

Update 21st October – the implications for all EEH Leaseholders

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Click image to download page 5 of the EEH August Newsletter (PDF)

From the banner in the latest EastendHomes newsletter you would think that the changes to leases across all Eastendhomes properties was done and dusted. Full consultation with residents and we are all moving ahead to a bright new future in unison. They say on page 5 of the leaflet that:-

“The work on this is almost complete and is planned to use the new method for the 2011-2012 estimated service charges”.

Not quite so….

You cannot just go around changing leases just like thatthere is a legal process to go through and this has started for one block, Loweswater House on Southern Grove E3, on the 14th September.

At the Pre-Trial Meeting at the held on the 14th at the Residential Properties Tribunal Service concerned residents heard Mr Brayshaw representing EastEndhomes explain that Loweswater House was chosen because there are “particular issues there at the moment” and they wish to make the proposed changes to see how it goes.. He went on to state that they could learn from this and would be treated as a “pilot scheme” prior to possibly rolling the changes out across all EastendHomes Estates.

Mr Korn who conducted the meeting did comment that it “doesn’t appear that they (EEH) have consulted with residents which does not appear to be good practice”.

We shall be updating this post as further news comes in. See below the changes EastendHomes are proposing to make to leases. Or download here (PDF)

EastendHomes say they are committed to full consultation with all residents, including leaseholders, about proposed changes to policies or practices which may affect services….. So how did the leaseholders of Loweswater House get to hear about the proposed changes to their leases?

The first hint of the changes came from an official letter from the Land Valuation Tribunal informing them of an application from EastendHomes to vary the lease details. Proposals to change the contracts of residents were not consulted on. This autocratic behaviour goes against the basic proposals they set out when transfer from Tower Hamlets happened in 2004.

The proposed changes to Leases and the proposed roll out of these changes to all EastendHomes Estates will have serious implications for residents across all EastendHomes estates.

One particular change (see all below) will put serious obstacles in the way of any leaseholders who wish to question the service charges they are being asked to pay. The proposed financial risks involved in questioning the service charges will act as a barrier to people who are questioning thier bill. People who wish to dispute charges will be treated as people in arrears – not merely questioning the charges.

Proposed Amendments to “LBTH” Leases

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