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Picture 1 - Sunday 28th 2010 at 18.30 - Ennerdale House E3

It is about 6.30 on a cold Sunday evening. The only reasonable place to put large bags of general (i.e. non recyclable refuse) outside Ennerdale House (E3 4TZ) is in the two small bins at Derwent House – which are full. See picture 1

Picture 2 -Sunday 28th 2010 at 18.30 - Ennerdale House E3

So with nowhere to put general waste it builds up elsewhere. Good to see residents not contaminating the recycle bins. See picture 2

Picture 3 - Very soon we will get this again

So very soon we will get this situation again. Contaminated recycle bins – as it has been for a month now….. See picture 3. An inadequate solution was sent out by EastendHomes a week after they became “aware” of the situation but the truth is they clearly hadn’t even thought about the implications of the contractors closing the access to the skip to the rear of Ennerdale before the planned works let alone what provisions would be in place for your average “kitchen bin” liner when regeneration finishes. Unfortunately the cold weather will mean the stench of rubbish will not drift out to Woodford, Gants Hill or the Essex doughnut…… 1 + 2 = 3   Geddit!

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