EastendHomes Unlawfull Developement on Eric and Treby 3

This area should be grass.

Back in July 2010 LBTH Planning Department identified several breaches in planning control in connection with the development of the Eric and Treby Estates.

On 19th July 2010 a rather stern letter was sent to Steve Inkpen (EEH Director of Regeneration) by Owen Whalley (Head of Planning & Building Control at LBTH) expressing concern that:-

“the continued breach of planning control by a large organisation undermines public confidence in the planning system and the ability of the council to properly discharge its function to regulate development in the area”. (download full letter here)

One of those breaches was the loss of open space on Eric Street. Planning Officers came to measure the remaining communal area and found a shortfall of 80 square metres. The car parks on Eric Street had increased in size by 40%. This unlawfull expansion of the parking area was pointed out to Steve Inkpen, Director of Regeneration, back in mid July and on August 16th 2010 LBTH Planning Enforcement wrote to Andy Osborne, the Project Manager at EastendHomes about several breaches concerning the works undertaken on the Eric and Treby Estates setting out a timescale for the area of open space be returned to the size shown in the approved plansĀ  A time limit of 2 months was given to comply. (Download full letter here)

October 16th came and went and no sign of any effort from EastendHomes or Telfords to remedy the situation. So now LBTH Planning Enforcement have issued an Enforcement Notice to EastendHomes and Telfords. Excerpts below and full notice here.

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3 thoughts on “EastendHomes Unlawfull Developement on Eric and Treby

  • kim

    As a resident of eric street i would like to know what residents of eric street you represent as a driver we have no where to park our cars because of people parking here for the local underground we like our street as it is.As for the material they used to make the car spaces we the real people of eric street met with east end homes in the begining and we digusted everything they have done step by step i dont know where you live but as a local resident of nearly 30 years i say leave our street alone and sort your own out and i DO speak for the residents of eric street.

  • tania

    dear meera as you are well aware by previous conversations we have had about the recipe garden and the car parks we as residents who live in eric street got a petition up that included all the real residents of eric street about the tarmac and the parking bays when speaking to the real residents in fact they wanted more parking spaces because of the difficulty they have trying to find somewhere to park there cars near where they live have you all got nothing better to do with yourself than try and upset our little community of residents who want to live in a better community and up to date housing

  • Jef

    The original plans submitted to the Development Committee by Eastendhomes had no parking places near the open spaces on Eric Street. It was due to the hard work of many residents that this scheme was rejected. One of the reasons for refusal was….

    “The proposed development results in the loss of available parking spaces (especially disabled parking) across the estate contrary to the objectives of the London Plan”

    Eastendhomes did not want any parking spaces there at all.