EastendHomes Resident Survey Scrapes New Lows.

Yesterday afternoon residents in Ennerdale House were visited by people from the Survey Company “Your Shout” who were conducting a survey on behalf of EastendHomes. They were provided with a list of four questions. Here they are….

Well for a start EastendHomes are building the Office on the open space around Ennerdale House because they intend to demolish the Wager Street Housing Office to build a new 6 floor block with mostly small private sale flats. The space around Ennerdale will not cost them anything – so the reason is profit at the expense of our open space. The increased security and improvements to the entrance are all “core works” we were promised before the ballot and not subject to the development of new homes. Of course we would all like to see these promised improvements. We should have got them long ago.

Please take a look at these artists impressions {show images} the crib sheet says. Well all we were shown was one architects plans. No images. No impressions artists or otherwise.


Question 2 is meaningless. “might include”…. if it was affordable…and affordable to who?

What are the plans to improve the recycling? The survey takers could not tell me….. Even a visit to the LBTH website gives no clues. Click here to view application PA/10/02464 – pursuant to discharge of condition 8 (refuse/recycling) in respect of sites 1, 4, 7 and 9 (Ennerdale is surrounded by Site 1) and you will find nothing relevant to Ennerdale residents.

Plans to improve recycling - it can't get any worse - photo taken Sunday 5th Dec

First revealed on Saturday afternoon when a curious resident removed the sack covering the brick sample out for consultation.

At this point we were shown a small piece of dark blue tile no more than 2 inches by 3. One of the survey team had even managed to break their sample. A good idea to use this where? As we could not see the “artists impressions” and had only seen a plan showing the foot print of the building how could we have any idea. The survey team members could offer no further information as “they were only there to ask the questions”.

A small wall of shiny blue bricks did appear during the week for consultation purposes to the left of the compound. They remained covered a by sack until a curios resident took a peek on Saturday afternoon. It will be interesting to see what results come from this survey.

It has also come to light that some of the people conducting the survey were seemed unable to present these already misleading questions in an open unbiased way – we shall be investigating. Download the questions here and see if the questions match what you understood from the survey team.

Has anyone heard of the “Your Shout” survey company? No sign on Google or at Companies House.

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