Ennerdale Electrical Fire

POWER UPDATE   (12.30 Friday)

 Reconnection of Electrical Services to 46-90 Ennerdale House

The work has been completed

Generator gone

Sweet dreams Derwent House

Thanks for your understanding from the

power challenged people of Ennerdale

On Saturday afternoon at around 4.00 pm we had an electrical fire in the electrical intake area in the hallway of Ennerdale House. The Fire Brigade attended and all was made safe leaving the engineers from Network Power UK to puzzle over what to do with the seriously burnt out fuse board which left many residents without power, lifts and hot water.

So serious was the damage that a generator had to be brought in while the burnt out equipment was removed for repair.

The generator was hooked up and up and running by 10.30 pm. Before leaving at 11 the kind engineers from Network Power restarted the lifts and the water supply leaving just the central heating to be reinstated by Breyer

There seems to be some sort of confusion with the job not being classed as an emergency by Breyer and scheduled for Monday. It was pointed out that we do have elderly people in some of the 90 flats and that temperatures were expected to be just above freezing tonight so “they will see what they can do”.

According to the Network Power hotline the full repair will be finished late this evening and the generator removed.

We are grateful for the work Network Power did and turning the lifts back on before they left was an extremely unexpected and pleasant surprise to wake up to the following morning.

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