Finally parking relief for Eric Street residents

Cars on pavement - Cars badly parked

In March 2012 MERA was approached by Eric Street residents to ask the Council to consider double yellow lines all the way down the kerb opposite the resident parking bays.

Since the building of the new off road parking areas by EastendHomes over a year ago, Eric Street residents have been having difficulty accessing and leaving the car parks at off peak times when parking is allowed.  Not only access to the parking spaces was an issue but clear passage for large emergency vehicles  was often restricted putting residents at risk (remember fatality at the Wentworth Mews fire).

Cars parked there are often not local residents but people using Eric Street as a convenient car park before continuing their journey into town by tube.

MERA made the request to the LBTH  Parking Development Team who have now surveyed and assessed  the changes in road layout due to the development. As a result double yellow lines are now proposed for Eric Street along the road opposite resident parking bays.

See map below:-

At 1 and 2 access to car parks restricted due to cars parked close to entrances and at 3 cars often parked close to the turn into Wentworth Mews car park restricting emergency vehicle access (assuming they can get down Eric Street)

Any supporting comments (or objections) should be sent to:-

Parking Services Section
Mulberry Place (AH)
PO Box 55739
5, Clove Crescent
E14 1BY