Little Black Number for the Vertical Village 2

…..or “Does my bum look big in this?”

An application recently went into Tower Hamlets Planning for approval of external facing for the housing office around the base of Ennerdale House (see PA/10/02155 here). You can view the proposed bricks on the path between Derwent House and the Telford compound.

We found in the run up to the rejected regeneration scheme refused by the Council at the end of last summer and the swiftly passed final application that residents did not feel they were effectively consulted. So this is the last chance to comment – fortunately this right is protected by law and not subject to the whim and interpretation of the developers.

The last day for comments on the choice of bricks was Monday 15th November – this has now been extended to Friday 19th – please if you have anything to say about the developers choice please email LBTH planning – see details below.

To comment on the proposed materials send an email to with your opinions. (Click on link – should open in mail client). Or copy and paste this into email “To” box and reference Application No: PA-10-02155 in subject box.


As is planned - dark and powerful?


An alternative red?


...or even yellow stocks?

What do you think of the dark bricks for the proposed office block around the base of Ennerdale House? Bear in mind that site investigations have started at the Resource Centre and ex council office on the opposite side of the road so we will probably get further development there sooner or later. Would the dark bricks create a closed in feeling. Would you prefer a lighter colour? You can comment to planning – consultation finishes on the 15th November.

You may have seen scattered around our communal open space (or “windswept desolate areas” as the developers prefer to call it when they spot a bit of land fit for profit) some little brick walls. These, as the telepathic amongst you are fully aware, are part of the consultation process which allows you to view and comment on the “Approval of Details” condition attached to the planning application for our estates.
This states that….
Prior to the commencement of works on each new development site (as numbered on approved plan F528/P0/01 REV G) samples of all external facing materials shall be submitted to and approved in writing by the Local Planning Authority”


Bricks on the left proposed for the Ennerdale office

Also under consutation are the materials for the Coniston House build under the existing flats. The developers have provided a sample for residents to see to the rear of the car park – on the right. There is no sign to tell you why they are there and no indication that there is conlultation.

Proposed bricks for Coniston - not a bad match? Check for yourself.

LBTH Planing are keen to encourage members of the public to comment on applications they receive and it is your chance to comment on the future appearance of the place you live in. So keen are LBTH to engage the public they produced a short video – click here to view – and scroll down.


Spotted recently a "public information" sign - but no indication that the materials are under statutory consultation.

Other applications in the pipeline connected with the development

Approval of details pursuant to Conditon 10a (new build materials) relating to sites 1, 4, 7 & 9 of Planning Permission ref. PA/09/2065 dated 22nd March 2010.
Consultation closes 15 Nov 2010

Submission of details pursuant to condition 21 (scheme of foul and surface water drainage) of planning permission PA/09/2065 dated 22/03/2010 in relation to all new build sites and open-space amenity areas.
Consultation closes 17 Nov 2010

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2 thoughts on “Little Black Number for the Vertical Village

  • Mark_T

    As a resident of Ennerdale I do not like the choice of black/dark blue bricks. Something a little lighter – even matching the block itself would be preferable. The dark choice of colour lacks “humour”. After all it is an EEH housing office and we should feel cheered as customers when entering to engage with our housing providers.

  • Una Barry

    I am not very happy with the choice of brick colour of this EastendHomes redevelopment, which is going on outside my living room window. If I were truthful, I’m not that happy about the whole development at all as we are all getting closed in with an area that is overpopulated already and struggling. A community centre is badly needed and a secure play area for kids, but there is a Tower Hamlets building lying idle since 2007 /2008, and this in itself is a disgrace that it has not be used, and just lying there. There is also St Clements Hospital that has been closed for a few years, and nothing happening.

    If the redevelopment has to go ahead with more people living on this open green space we had, and if Ennerdale House is not to be demolished, which would have been the best option to get rid of tower blocks, then PLEASE can you make sure it actually matches the surrounding brick work, and not put up what appears to be an ‘eyesore’. Very dark blue / blackish bricks when the colours of the surrounding bricks are warm yellow for Derwent House, and red brick for Ennerdale House, is a real clash. It appears on the plans to be VERY ugly, and totally out of character. Something more to blend to give a feeling of calm, and not in your face, would be much appreciated.