Loweswater Leaseholders Question Lease Changes

Previously featured on this web site back towards the end of October a post about the proposed changes to leases hailed as the way forward for EastendHomes leaseholders. The August newsletter from EastendHomes would lead you to think that the changes to leases across all Eastendhomes properties was done and dusted. Full consultation with residents and we are all moving ahead to a bright new future in unison…. so that is all Ok then.

This is what they said on page 5 of that newsletter (small PDF download). Problem is the middle management and the consultants employed at leaseholders expense by EastendHomes do not seem to have heard of a little thing called “the law” and maybe have little depth of knowledge of it. They said in the brochure on page 5….

“The work on this is almost complete and it is planned to use the new method for the 2011/12 estimated service charges, due to be sent out in April 2011. EeH believes that leaseholders will find the new method of service charge apportionment to be more transparent and more easily understood. Floor area will be used to apportion block and estate costs for the following services”

Those of you that glance at the brochures distributed by EastendHomes on their way to the recycle bin will not be surprised to know that the claims in this brochure are complete (excusez mon français) toss.

Leaseholders from Loweswater have been looking into the changes proposed and have obtained an extension from the Residential Properties Tribunal Service to enable them to refine their response. The consultant employed by EastendHomes said during the pre-trial meeting at the LVT that Loweswater House was chosen because there are “particular issues there at the moment” and they wish to make the proposed changes to see how it goes.. He went on to state that they could learn from this and that it would be treated as a “pilot scheme” prior to possibly rolling the changes out across all EastendHomes Estates

So the out come of these proposed lease changes could have implications for all EastendHomes leaseholders on our Estates and others within the EastendHomes portfolio. Presently residents in Loweswater are working with the EastendHomes Leaseholders and Freeholders Association to ensure the protection of residents rights in Loweswater House and the best outcome for all EastendHomes Leaseholders.

More news will follow….

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