Man Murdered in Mile End Sunday Morning – Boheme license suspended 129

On Tuesday 29th March at 17.30 the LBTH Licensing Sub Committee met to review the premise licence for the Boheme Club and the licence for the club has been suspended pending a full review within 28 days.  Below is a report by Andrew Jackson (Met Police Licensing Officer). Full document here (PDF download) An article on the Voice Online website gives the victims name as Kelvin Easton, 23, from Broadwater Farm, Tottenham, north London, also known as the rapper Smegz.

According to the Murdermap website…..

A postmortem gave the cause of death as a stab wound to the heart.

Four men aged between 17 and 27 have been arrested and bailed until May.

Detective Chief Inspector Charles King, of the Met’s Homicide and Serious Crime Command, said: “We would urge anyone with any information about the murder of Kelvin Easton, or any witnesses to the incident in the Boheme nightclub, to come forward.”

Anyone with information is asked to call the incident room on 020 8345 4142 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

Report from Met Police to Licensing Sub Comittee


Police still search the area on Monday for evidence,

Monday 28th March the management of the club issued this statement for residents:-

Further to the incident that ended in a fatality, we at Boheme thought it was right to inform our local residents our insight on the incident.
Late on Saturday night / Sunday morning a young man aged 23, got in to an argument with another man inside the venue. He was then attacked with a champagne bottle which struck him in the chest. Our Security team reacted swiftly to attend to the situation by calling the emergency services and attempting CPR.
We will be working alongside the police using our in house ID scan to ensure that the person responsible is caught. We at Boheme apologise for any inconveniences caused during Sunday and the next few days while the police continue their investigation.

MERA issued the following statement on Tuesday 29th March.

As we have been attending the monthly resident liaison meetings we have established a relationship with the Broke/Boheme management.

MERA held their AGM at the club last month; it was a successful meeting and the venue was an appropriate choice.

However, the club management have had to answer some tough questions since they opened – and account for their actions.

They will have to on this occasion as well. Their official statement to us is very brief and we will of course require more detail. We – as all other concerned parties in the Mile End area – will be withholding judgement until reports are issued from the relevent authorities, i.e. the police, the Council (Licensing) and the coroner.

As the investigation is ongoing we cannot draw any conclusions yet, whether for example we want to ‘break’ our present relationship with the club management or to continue work with them as a residents association to mitigate the effects of a night-time venue in a residential area.

Crime happens everywhere and if this was an isolated incident involving two individuals arguing and the club not having any influence on the two’s actions, the club could go on trading. However, if this turns out to be knife crime, or the event was a ‘risky’ event, we will take a different view.

A number of residents want the club closed and as you may expect an on-going dialogue is in process presently on the street, via email and on our website.

Flowers left for the victim

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Police search searching drains



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129 thoughts on “Man Murdered in Mile End Sunday Morning – Boheme license suspended

  • David Voisey

    In addition to the actual concerns of the Police, the vast majority of local residents and Tower Hamlets Council were firmly opposed to last year’s reopening and relicensing of Broke, renamed the Boheme. Sadly now a person has lost their life and other acts of violence have occurred. Surley now is the time to put the safety and well being of local residents first and permanantly shut down the premises and Club renamed the Boheme, before more violence, damage and disruption occurs.

  • George John

    This dangerous club continues to be a serious threat to all who live in its vicinity. The authorites need to close it as soon as possible.

  • sarah

    this is not the first murder to have happend at this club a young father was kicked to death a few years ago and there have been many more stabbings and young clubbers have had some bad beatings over the years as a resident i have witnesed many of the fights when the club kicks out its time to close this place its not safe.

  • Liz

    Why is this not being reported on tv, BBC news online or anywhere else? I only found out through the road being closed and asking a friend on Facebook!

  • mia

    i walk past this club fri and sat night and i am surprise on how very relax the doorman allow these people in the club without searching, i work in a night club and every clubber has to produce there national insurance card and also go through a metal detector, i have worked there for 5 years and not one stabbing or shooting has been reported, just plain common sense, it is a shame now that another person has lost there life, until we know why this person died it will carry on week after week, these night club owners need to bring all these security measures into place sooner rather than later instead of thinking how much money they are going to make

  • John White

    This is very upsetting news. However I used to go to the club for many years and never saw any trouble. This establishment has existed for many decades and both my elder brothers as well as my mother and father have been there over the years. In fact it existed long before many of the local housing. I am also aware of the many local businesses that feed off it. I moved into this area over 20 years ago fully aware of the club. I would not have moved into this area if having a nightclub here was going to upset and annoy me.

    The present club may be mismanaged but I think it is quite disgusting to use the death of a young man as an excuse to get the club closed down when actually it is late night car parking and other such low level annoyances that i am really objecting to.

  • George

    In the 80’s & 90’s I used to go the club when it was called Benjy’s and which caterered mainly to very local East End patrons. It was then owned and run a by a local family the Benjamins,who had good effective security and always closed by 2.00 am. However after they sold out some years ago things changed drastically with a subsequent long list of trouble and violence. Now the new club operators cater for people from South London, Essex and North London who drive in and drive out for a rave up with no consideration for local residents. I attach the flyer for the Boheme night of 27th March when the murder occurred, that advertises the club as staying open till 5.00 am with various free admission concessions etc. // This really should stop now.

    • A

      I used to drink in the Prince Of Wales now and again, I dont remember it being a violent place either. I do remember being told the landlord was dodgy though. I also remember a couple of occasions when the pub was shot at from passing cars!

  • Spicer

    @ George

    If you read the flyer carefully, which you clearly haven’t, it actually states that girls are free before midnight. That is the only concession. It also states no ID = no entry, guys are £10 on the guest list, no trainers for guys, no entry without high heels for ladies etc. I live just round the corner from the club and the only time I’ve ever seen any trouble is when they kick out at 2am, never later!!! You have no idea what caused this incident or what lead up to this. And your knee-jerk reaction is stereotypically ignorant.

  • Cassie

    How has everyone jumped to the conclusion that the club is so much trouble?
    It used to be, granted, but I can say as someone who lives and works in this area that it is definitely better…

    How can you lot be so presumptious, you dont know that it may have been the manager trying to stop troublesome people getting to his takings and being stabbed by the youths trying to gain entry to his premises. You don’t know that it wasn’t someone being stabbed trying to help someone, or the owner of the premises getting stabbed as he kicked a horrible little east end rat out. Crimes are committed in this area CONSISTENTLY, DON’T LIKE IT BUGGER OFF SOMEWHERE ELSE.. Get your head out of your ******s PLEASE!!
    (minor edit – admin)

  • Laura

    After reading your comments it amazes me how much crap people talk, I agree with Spicer!!! Believe me i was there that night, there were ample security and they were not LAX in the least..People were searched on entry and considering there are many ways to get stabbed how do we know a knife was brought into the club!
    From what i saw the security and management/ promoters managed the evening well…Majority of people were happy and enjoying themselves, It is such a tragic incident and were caused as usual by mindless minority who cannot behave themselves on a night out and effectively ruins the whole night and future events for other people!
    The fact your all using this as an excuse to slag off the club shows your narrow mindedness and prejudices towards the club…Id gather your facts before slagging the club/night off!

  • Andrea

    Please let me know if there will be any meetings/actions to support the closure of this nightclub. Places like this damage the security and reputation of the area. It’s horrible to pass by this place at night; the whole area will benefit greately if this and other horrible places on mile end road get shut. I’m 22 and I wouldn’t party in a place like that ever. Put a cafe or a restaurant instead and get rid of dodgy clubs like this that attract dodgy people.

  • Dena

    Seems alot of the people on here don’t know what they are talking about. I wasn’t there that night but I have been to the club many times. I must say security has always been tight. It’s the only club I have been to that scanned my driving licence. There is metal detectors there and used even for girls in hardly any clothes. This young guy was stabbed with a bottle not something brought into the club. Which could have happened anywhere. It’s not the club or the security it’s a couple of stupid boys looking for trouble.. It’s just sad cause they may close the club but it wont stop the problem it will move it to another area.

  • BST

    As a frequenter to this club under new ownership and old, In its defence I witness everyone that enters the doors throughly searched. A copy of your ID is scanned to deter troublemakers in the knowledge their details are on record (which I assume is in place at the clubs own expense)…But still a small minority of people ruin it for everyone else. Unfortunately this is the case across the country and not just exclusive to us Mile End residents. I have never accessed any other club in London or Essex that has this ID scan deterrent facility. So credit to the club where credit is due.

    I have the deepest sympathy to the person who lost their life, but it does seem like a bandwagon the neighbours are jumping on yet again to get the club closed. (as these protests/petitions have been ongoing since the Benjys era!)

    I assume it is very difficult for door staff to pinpoint who looks like “trouble” on entering the club; drink does funny things to people, including them in a split second of madness thinking it acceptable to stab someone in the chest as a resolution to an argument, for which they will now be punished….it’s these people we should condem, not the club.

    I am 23, a local resident and enjoy going out on weekends. Please don’t tie all us “youngsters” with the same brush. I guarantee 99.9% of Boheme’s customers would join you in condemning the appalling way in which the young man lost his life.

  • Toni

    This was the first time that I went to this club, and I have to say me and my friends had a really good night, untill we witnessed our friend’s friend bleed to death. It was a very trumatising experience and my deepest sympathies go out to his family,with that said I think it should be noted that i did not see vigorous searching happening when entering the club, no IDs where scanned either. I think people are very fixated on the guys being searched thoroughly, however what about the girls? Me and my friends where simply patted down slightly and a quick glace in our bags that is all, it is very simple for a female to carry a weapon for a guy into the club. I rebuke the managers statement that “He was attacked with a champagne bottle which struck him in the chest” i dont think it was a champagne bottle, i think it was a knife/shank and i think that he is only saying that to excuse the shabby security which was used.I would also like to say that when the attack happened the security did not respond quickly, in fact they where just standing around with a very blase attitude, which i witnessed personaly. It was one of the saddest things i have ever seen, futher investigation into the security methods definatly needs to be taken out.

    • DS 226962 LONERGAN


      I am one of the people investigating this matter and we are trying to trace all persons who were in the club that night. Could you contact me on one of the telephone numbers below.

      0208 345 4075

  • sam

    the security did there best to save the man and there is only so much they can do ,but if the management decide to put a bad party on, because (bad man have money)then there is a problem.
    security are only human with no powers over the gunman,even police took 12 minutes to come as no one wants to take risks,if people want to kill each other then fine,that means 1 less and lots to go.
    there is only one team to be blamed and that is (management for doing the event with out, or fake risk assesses).

  • Cassie

    I can’t help but think that some live in a dreamworld, we live in the east end, it’s a nasty place with nasty people who do Nasty things..

    Do yourselves a favour and google stabbing or murder in mile end, open your eyes its happening all the time.. This, as far as I’m concerned an isolated incident, unfortunately it’s happened at the club, but if you think it won’t happen if the club is not there, then you are all completely mad.. Seriously you’re deluded..

    If you want a nice quiet life you should have chosen more wisely when you decided where to buy your house, its not going to be quiet, east london is and always has been a triouble spot. Your house cost reflects area, no doubt your house in a nice area would cost more, hence the reason you decided to live there.. Unlucky it’s not going to get any better.. Deal with it or go elsewhere but take your blinkers off fools!

  • George

    Spicer are you blind ? the very opening paragrapgh of the Boheme flyer I attached clearly says ” THIS IS ANOTHER GUARANTEED ROADBLOCK EVENT, SO PLEASE GET YOUR NAME ON THE FREE GUEST LIST NOW, SO YOU’RE NOT LEFT OUT IN THE COLD !!”

    The free admission for Ladies prior to Midnight was yet another additional concession on the flyer stated below the above opening concession. I also have been subsequently advised that additional flyers with offers of free drinks were are also issued by the Boheme.

    I suspect there are a number of plants now operating on this site, that devalues the commments of true residents of Mile End. In the same manner that the Club’s fake petition was fully exposed at the Council Meeting early last year, when it was refused a license.

  • Gina E3

    Via this website I have found a link to another, // which is dedicated to circulate negative comments regarding Boheme. Do gooders have been gunning for it for years, I am glad the council saw sense and allowed Purple E3 to reopen as Broke and ignored these people with way too much time on their hands. There is no other late night music venue/club in the area, so if promoted and used well, this can only be a good thing for the community surely?! Mon-Thurs the club be used for neighbouring get togethers/private functions/classes…?? Lets use the venue to our advantage!

    The persecution of this venue and the negative stance from SOME residents regarding the club was common knowledge even long before it’s relaunch. As a mother, I’d much rather my daughter socialise locally than have to travel 7 miles into Central London & paying costly taxis for the privilege – just because a perfectly good venue locally as been closed down by people with nothing better to do than to complain about a car parked on their estate for all of 3 hours on a Saturday night!

    As Cassie states above, you only have to read the daily’s to know unfortunately what happened on Sunday morning is not an isolated event in the UK. Do we want it on our doorsteps – no of course not, but it wasn’t so long ago grown men were shooting each other in the Prince of Wales on Grove Road. Yes it is wrong, but tragically it does happen. We must not blame the club without evidence a weapon was carried into the venue.

    I can only assume that those rooting for the venue’s closure have never been young once.

    • DG

      As a former resident, I think you are the one who has no idea. It wasn’t merely cars parked for three hours on a Saturday night. It was fights in the street any time between 1am and 5am every Friday, Saturday and Sunday night by gangs of youths leaving the club. Damage to cars, ambulances, police. You name it – we saw and heard it. I suggest you check the video shown previously at the licensing committee of the machete, guns and swords ‘event’ outside Broke which CCTV captured. It was stomach-churning.
      I’m sorry for the cost of your daughter’s taxis. But this club was certainly not a safe haven. Show some sense!

    • concerned resident

      The Council did not allow the licensing application.
      The Council refused it.

      The only reason the club opened is because they appealed the decision to the Magistrates and persuaded them that this club was going to be for city high flyers working at Canary Wharf who would allow their expensive cars to be parked by valet car parks!

      There has been nothing remotely like that happening since the club reopened.

      I don’t get it. You’d rather let your daughter go to the type of urban rave event locally which has been banned by the clubs in the West End because of their association with crime and violence? Why?

      If it’s too violent for the West End then it’s certainly too violent for Mile End – as we now know.

  • concerned resident

    Who does this Cassie think she is? Doubtless one of those selfish irresponsible people who think they can come into the area where we live and cause mayhem.

    If you look up the crime statistics on the police computer you will see that actually this area is pretty much OK so far as crime is concerned. Certainly average for London. That’s because it’s a very settled community with people living here who have lived here for a long time. We care about our neighbourhood and we try to look after one another.

    You can check the FACTS here // Hamlets, London E3 4PH, UK#street

    The major problem we have is with the amount of anti-social behaviour in the area associated with the night-time economy around the junction between Mile End Road and Burdett Road and the club. People leave the club drunk and raucous and fighting.

    Those of who have been living here for a very long time know full well that the trouble has escalated enormously in the last 10 years – mainly because this is no longer a facility for local people – it’s a club used by people who don’t live here and who don’t care about the neighbourhood.

    For the record – the average house price of the houses in Aberavon Road which has been blighted by the hoodlums who think it’s OK to fight in the street at 3am is approximately c.£500,000. Houses south of the Mile End Road cost are priced about £350,000-£400,000.

    So what did you think the houses cost round here Cassie? Did you think they were dirt cheap and all the people who live here are dirt cheap too? Did you think we’re not worthy of your consideration? Did you think you and your friends can do what you like and we don’t count?

    How wrong you are!

    This club is going to be closed – once and for all! Why don’t you get used to the idea?

  • Rob

    This part of Mile End is now 95% residential and the last thing local families need is a large late night nightclub attended by ousiders. The Club’s history of violence and this latest sad event is also the last thing that London needs with the very close 2012 Olympics and the eyes of the world about to be on us.

  • peace

    i no the deceased personally and as sad as it might seem, if you don’t listen you will have to feel…the amount of times i have told these gang members to cut it out but they don’t seem to want to listen….it was bound to happen…

    the deceased in question was the second guy in the video i posted kelvin aka smegz…he stabbed a guy first after an argument(WITH A KNIFE NOT A BOTTLE)…then he got stabbed himself and died

  • cath

    Certain comments on this page are very unhelpful. I don’t agree that we residents should just accept the crime happening in our area or move on. What will that achieve? We need to work together to make this a safer place for everyone. most people who live in this area do so out of necessity and very few are lucky enough to own their homes. I don’t know enough about this particular club to judge it but the associations with clubs and. drink and drug violence and gangs are well known by all. I don’t see how a club in mile end benefits the area and would be happy to see it close.

  • Lawrence

    Its obvious that Cassie is a plant for Boheme as are some others on this site. Fortunately the Police Homicide and Serious Incident squad are fully in charge of the investigation and will get to the truth, that I hear will involve a kniving and not the lie of a champagne bottle. Also I hear from other sources that in addition to being a danger, the Boheme owes money and is a growing debt and not an asset to the local communty. The Police will now act and the Boheme’s various plants on this site will be irrelevant.

  • Anonymous

    My daughters friend witnessed the whole thing. She was covered in his blood!!!!! It was NOT a champagne bottle, it was a knife!!!!!! How on earth did the knife get in the club?????? Security didn’t give a monkeys as the poor soul lay dying on the floor! The ambulance took 15 minutes. The bouncers looked on like it was nothing…. Its disgusting….. Another life wasted, for what?????? Cos of lapse security and crap staff. Itis totally horrific and needs to be dealt with once and for all…. How many other poor kids are gonna lose their lives!

  • Lauren Wilson

    Residents your jubilation at the prospect of the venue being closed saddens me when a family is grieving for a lost son and brother..

    I would also like to personally thank those residents who have taken the time to text my husband with with vile tirades of excitment at the fact that ‘him and his business are now going to be finished’…

    Please excuse him if he dosent text back, He is in the process of getting to grips that, despite vain efforts to resuscitate the young man in question him and his team couldnt keep him alive. I can personally speak for my husband when i say he is devasted.

    As someone who lost a brother recently my heart goes out to the family and i send them deepest condolences.

  • lisa

    the problem is not with the club its the fact that the local population has changed. since tower hamlets has become the ”trendy” place to live the people moving into the area expect it to be like where ever it is they come from. this is east london did no-one do any research on the area before they moved here? if you want peace and quite go and live in Richmond the price you paid for your ex council flat would buy you a whole house in a nice leafy suburb. it is a shame that another young man has lost his life but this is the fault of the bleeding heart left wingers who have allowed society to fall apart in the last 20-30 years not a club in mile end

  • peace

    hardly any clubs use metal detector now days…what guys tend to do is get girls to put the flick knives in their bras…(no one is allowed to search a girls bra) i said in an earlier post i no the deceased personally and as sad as it might seem he started trouble for no reason and the other guy finished it…it so sad to hear another brother lost but sometimes if you don’t listen you have too feel…guys take the time to look at his music videos…gloryfying murder…//

  • Cassie

    Lawrence & Concerned resident

    You’re both being paranoid, I am nothing to do with the venue, in fact I agree it brings nothing positive to the area.. And i think to be honest at best it could only be described as an eyesore. However if you think that your problems will go away because it closes down you are barmy.. Have you seen the amount of drug dealers scum and violent attacks that happen in this area?

    If you bought here, your problem, more fool you, unfortunately I am stuck in this hell hole, but trust me, if I had money to buy I wouldn’t be buying in mile end haha.. That’s all I’m saying.. Just walk out into mile end road or bow road or burdett road any night of the week and open your eyes.

    You all think this club closing will push the price of your houses up, that’s obvious, but come on, this area is very undesirable.. There are a 2/3 nice streets in this bad area

  • Cassie

    Lisa, this area is far from trendy.. What’s trendy about living between the hovel that is roman road and mile end road? Blimey!

    We have an amazing chicken shop restaurant outside the mile end station and a bookmakers full of junkies, dealers and scum.. Come on, TRENDY?

  • Cassie

    Thought it was supposed to be closed by 3? Why was someone stabbed at 4:30am there.

    This is what happens when you invite Urban promoters to run your club? What did they expect? Urban music & urban attitude = trouble. I was sure when this place first opened again they said they were not going to cater for the {urban} crowd

  • George

    The Police have put an end to the eroneous statements from Boheme about a champage bottle, as it was a kniving.The Police statement also shows the Boheme’s bad management failures. Now the Boheme will not be able to make any misleading statements about this very sad incident.

  • Dave


  • Rob

    Have just read the voice link posted by “resident” and I am absolutely horrified to read the content and that the Boheme knowingly and cynically held an Urban Rave till 5.00am, when no central London venue will now do so due to the extreme violence and history of shootings at Urban raves. The Boheme Management have told so many lies and made so many misleading statements over the last year, that I hope the book is now thrown at them and they are held fully to account.

  • A

    Now we have the truth, from the police and I suspect from some of the people who have commented on here, about what really happened. I am so sorry for this guy and his family.
    Boheme deserves to lose its licence over this. They gave an unknown person access to the office with the CCTV??? what the hell was going on there????

  • Tom

    To Cassie, Lisa, and the likes: the fact that you are so aggressive towards the other users gives your comments no credibility. Many residents who have been fighting the club’s nuisance have been living here for several decades and are not newly arrived residents attracted by the “trendy East End”.
    The perception is that over the last ten years, the situation has markedly deteriorated because by and large, there is no demand for the club locally anymore. As a result, the various managers of the club have had to bring people from much further away, who in the best case, do not care about the nearby residents and cause mayhem when they leave, or in the worst case come here to pick a good fight – as it happened last year when the club was shut.
    Now I don’t see why you have such a problem to accept that and understand that people are entitled to better living conditions instead of accepting noise, violence and sleepless nights simply “because it is the East End”. Perhaps you also have been long-standing residents here and have witnessed how things are changing around – mostly for the better – but your personal situation has not and this makes you perhaps bitter ?
    There are good initiatives around here – see on MERA’s website the great initiative around St Clemens’ site project to provide further good quality social housing. Don’t you want this community’s children to grow up in a better environment ?
    I will finally give credit to Ben Wilson for having really tried hard to turn this club into something better for having genuinely tried to work with the residents. I took part to the first residents’ meeting when Broke opened and despite my opposition to the club, I sincerely wished him good luck as I thought his plan to raise the club’s standard could be beneficial to the local community. It is also correct that by and large, the club had been less of nuisance until a couple of months ago. However, the sad truth is that Ben’s business plan has not worked. The bankers from Canary Wharf he wanted to attract and local residents are just not coming, and certainly won’t in the future following what has just happened. The only option to fill up the club is therefore to resort to these promoter’s raves again, with all the very negative consequences for local residents, and absolutely no benefit whatsoever. The only reason the judge allowed the club to re-open against the Council and residents’ opinion was to give Ben’s vision about a high-end club with well behaved patrons a chance but this has failed. I feel sorry for Mr Wilson, but the club should really close now for good and I hope that the council will realise this and so will any judge in case of another appeal. Yet, if the club is shut, in respect for Ben’s effort, I certainly will not be gloating over its failure.

  • Cassie

    Very sad? Seems like most of you residents are happy that it happened. Hmm after all ,you will get what you wanted now, no matter what the cost. Shame on you

    Shame on you aswell Boheme, for letting thug scum in your club, you should have known better. These guys have reputations WHY didn’t your staff stop them getting in.? And big black man stole the hard drive you having a bath or what? Talk about clichè. Nice try, you conveniently lost it so nobody had video evidence of a knife in the club.. Your last disgusting act was to show this man no respect by making a lie of his last moments to save your own skin. Disgusting. Goodbye license.

  • Stan

    Although I disagree with Cassie’s overall comments about “this is the East End, why bother”, etc…, she is SO right about the dubious circumstances in which the hard drive was stolen by a large black man ! Who is going to seriously believe this ??? The Boheme’s owner had invested so much money into renovating this club that they could probably not afford to release such evidence of their security lapse… They really don’t deserve much sympathy. My thoughts to the family of the deceased.

  • lisa

    cassie believe me i KNOW its not trendy i was born and brought me round here. but there seems to be a large influx of middle class people, who cant afford to live in shoreditch, that think it is. now they are here it seems to be there mission in life to make tower hamlets the leafy suburb they wish it was. all these comments seem more concerned about closing this club then the fact somebody actually died

  • Dave

    Cassie your above last sentance is sadly so true. This very tragic event deserved the Boheme to tell the truth on what really happened, but they couldn’t even bring themselves do that.

  • Dave

    lisa, I have lived in the immediate close vicinity of the Boheme’s premises for some 30 years, and I definitly will feel safer and very relieved as and when it closes, as will most, if not all my neighbours.

  • lisa

    to tom firstly iam far from bitter i moved as far as i could as soon as i could into the biggest house i could afford to. secondly if you think tower hamlets has improved you must be joking or delusional. why shouldn’t people from ‘out of the area’ go to clubs in the area? do you think all the people who go out in the west end or brick lane live there? tower hamlets is one of the most deprived boroughs in england do you really think closing a club is going to change poor housing,poor education,lack of open spaces, traffic jams,lack of parking spaces, house prices that locals cannot afford,drug dealing, prostitution,domestic violence, female circumcision ect ect that happens every day in this borough. but it seems like no-one commenting here really care about any of the real social issues regarding this borough all you seem to be interested in yourselves and closing this club so your street is quieter

  • lisa

    dave why will you feel safer if this club closes. there are no records of anyones home being broken into by any of the patrons, any homes or shops being damaged. what is it your actually scared of? granted i have heard of loads of fights and other incidents both in and outside this club over the years but have never heard of a local resident going about their daily business being attacked. please correct me if iam wrong

  • george

    I just downloaded the pdf of the Police’s request to suspend the Boheme’s License, only to read that the very people mentioned by the Police as operating the Boheme actually live in Blackheath, South London. Its very easy for them to have held noisey dangerous urban rave events at the Boheme, Mile End till 5.00 am in the morning, disrupting local Mile End residents, whilst they themselves live miles away in leafy quiet Blackheath, South London.

  • Dave

    Lisa, my road is very close indeed to the Boheme and on various occasions at closing time of the club, there have been violent fights and punch ups right outside my front door and windows, from thugs who have left the Boheme and previously Broke London and also Purple E3. In adddition to fighting, there is also a lot of screaming and shouting matches from the people who leave the club as they go to their cars they park in my road, that are very intimidating and threatening. Many of them could likely be done for drunken driving or under the influence of drugs as they finally drive away.

  • Tom

    Lisa, you are right, there are many problems in Tower Hamlets, and closing the club down will not solve them. However there are people who do try to make a difference – as mentioned, see the St Clement’s hospital site project -. And there’s nothing wrong with wishing a reasonably quiet night between midnight and 5 am, is there ? I know other residents against the club who are involved as volunteers in community initiatives to try to make a positive contribution to other people’s lives.
    If everyone was as negative as you are, then nothing would get ever done about it. Tower Hamlets starts from a very very low level, but you can’t say there are no improvements.
    Also, SOME of your negative comments about the area are incorrect or exaggerated. Lack of open space, come on ! There are other parts of London, including posher ones, which do not have a Victoria Park, Mudchute farm or the canals around. A lot of the other terms you have used for Tower Hamlets could apply to most large Western European cities, including Rome and Paris ! Although I don’t like the additional pressure that it puts on our already stretched tube and school amenities, I am proud that our area is one of the most active in London for new housing construction, including social housing, even though there remains much to do.
    I am lucky enough to live in Mile End by choice. I could live in the West-End if I wanted to, although not in Mayfair, but I have chosen to stay here because I think that this area has much to offer. I like the open spaces, the good transport links (although now rather overcrowded at peak time), the ethnic diversity and the fact that by and large, people around here are simple and genuine, not snobs.
    It is indeed heart-breaking to see all the social issues that many people face but excluding “middle class” residents (as you put it) is not the answer, is it ? I personally think that social mixity and trying to improve things is preferable than building a “lower class” ghetto (as you seem to suggest it should be), don’t you ?

  • Concerned Resident

    Let’s not forget that all the local residents who have had to put up with the appalling behaviour of clubbers leaving the club in the small hours made a huge effort to make sure this club was not granted a licence. That was entirely because of the level of disturbance and offensive behaviour generated by the type of people that the previous club attracted.

    The Council saw sense and refused the licence

    On appeal, lots of residents again went to the trouble to give statements and evidence to the court of what happened when the E3 was open and the sort of impact it had on their lives. However the Licensing Magistrates saw fit to give it a licence on the basis of what they were told by the prospective licensee. What they were told is absolutely nothing like the way this club has been operating.

    As soon as it went back to attracting the type of people who previously frequented the E3 this club became a timebomb and the death – although very sad for the family – was an an accident – or a murder – waiting to happen.

    The fact that it has now been established that the weapon was a knife means that the security team and the management have failed to avoid such an incident and prevent serious injury or loss of life. I sincerely hope that the club now loses its licence and that one is NEVER EVER granted again for that establishment.

    There should be no place for events which attract that level of violence in this neighbourhood.

  • Local

    The proof that it is an audience rather than venue issue is that the gay club that occupies the rear third of the venue and perhaps half the capacity of Boheme has never caused any problems at all, it is the people not the venue.

  • John

    From reading around about this incident and the “urban” music scene it seems like it was only a question of time that it happened at Boheme. Banned from just about all west end clubs due to the intrinsic violence this particular brand of music attracts. I detest music that glorifies violence.

    I don’t agree that the venue should close permanently. It seems the venue needs to attract a different crowd. In short, never have an urban night again.

  • A

    I agree that there is no local demand for the club anymore, because all the people that used to go to Benjys have upped sticks to places like Essex/Spain!
    I have lived here for nearly 20 years and it has changed so much. It was never great but its the absolute pits now.
    The clientelle that this club now attracts is the problem not the actual venue.

  • Rob

    Its totally disgraceful that people from South London have cynically imposed and inflicted these dangerous noisy late night Urban Raves on Mile End residents. With all this resulting violence, danger and disruption to the area.

  • Lauren Wilson

    I find myself infuriated by some of the unformed ‘rants’ being allowed airtime on this page, I can categorically inform you of some of the facts that perhaps will enlighten your dim and narrow-minded view of the clubs management.. The incident itself happened as the club was directing exit at 3.20 am, it has been reported as 4.30 am because of the clocks going forward (our licence allows us this extra hour trading when the clocks change), the security which are are very quick to judge were a team of 16 ( not 9 as our licence stipulates ) as directed in our licence we also used metal detector gates and wands, a head cam and club scan for ID so that fact that someone managed entry with a knife leaves us as traumatised as yourselves, but the how do people manage to get weapons drugs on to plans and prisons? If you were all honest nothing is impermeable. I would also like to challenge the man who’s is so obviously upset we don’t live in mile end, the fact that we are from the east end but have moved to a suburb to have a family should be no concern to you, I can assure you a stipulation of our licence that we live next door as is to many others and their business’s.

    I will lastly and by no means least pay homage to the security of boheme, the man who (wasnt at the venue) but happily states they ‘did nothing’ is sadly mistaken, the head of security manually pumped the mans heart for nearly 20 mins to keep him alive, in my eyes the is classed as ‘doing something’ before all if you lay blame with the clubs management and security you should look to the report that was written when the club was spot inspected by licensing officers at 11pm that night…it states that boheme was trading securly and within all conditions of it’s license.

    • MERA News

      With reference to the “facts” about the licensing hours and security as stated above by Lauren Wilson (Mrs Benn Wilson) in this post

      The evidence presented at the Licensing Hearing on 20th April 2011 clearly indicates that:
      1) The licensing hours were breached. The phone call to the Police occurred at 04.32am – over an hour after the club should have been closed. At 2am the clocks moved forward to 3am and the club should have then started to close and be completely closed by 3.30am.
      2) The club’s assumption that they didn’t lose an hour from their licensing due to the clocks going forward was an error. Benn Wilson admitted at the Hearing that he had not checked with Licensing what time he should close on 27th March 2011
      3) A number of breaches of the door security standard laid down by the Premises Licence have been identified
      4) The Licensing condition relating to CCTV was breached. There was no working CCTV in the club. The hard drive and monitor had been removed in mid-March because Benn Wilson had not paid the supplier. Without CCTV the club should not have opened – in order to protect public safety – and Kelvin Easton would not have died.

      Reasons why the Licence was revoked included breaches of conditions relating to Licensing Hours, door security and CCTV.

      The Police stated the following to the Hearing:
      * Kelvin Easton would not have been killed if the club had shut at the proper time.
      * If the CCTV had been working the whole incident would have been captured on film

      To read more about what happened at the Hearing – and what really happened on the night of 27th March 2011 – see Broke / Boheme Nightclub Licence REVOKED!

  • Dave

    If a dangerous noisy venue like Boheme were located in America there would be numerous law suits from residents seeking financial damages from the club for the violence and problems caused, in addition to any Police action.

  • resident

    Mrs Wilson – you say there is a report, written by “licensing officers” after a ‘spot inspection’ at 11 pm Saturday? Are you referring to the “police licensing visit” mentioned in the above police report? (The police report only says that this took place “earlier”).

    If these are one and the same and you say we should look to the resulting “report” as the club were not in breach of any of the conditions of the licence, then, perhaps you should put this report on here?

  • lisa

    tom i wish tower hamlets was the place you seem to think it is then i would never have left but as a mother there was no way i could allow my children to grow up and be schooled there as i was. the points i made are not exaggerated iam sure the only reason they haven’t built on victoria park yet is because they can’t! for example until recently there was one block of flats on bow common lane with a large grass area in front that has now been pulled down and replaced with 2 blocks and no green space there are examples of this all over the borough yet there are no more doctors, dentists,hospital beds,school places etc. i do not try to blame or exclude middle class people i just find it very strange that people who have a choice choose to live in such a deprived borough and then spend much of their time moaning about it.why do you think so many people born in the area,as you so rightly said,have moved to essex and spain and yes i am one of them. given the massive issues in tower hamlets i put noise very low down on the list of things to be dealt with. a good place to start would be education and youth unemployment from which,i believe, most antisocial behaviour stems from. i still believe closing this club will not make not bit of difference to tower hamlets. have a look at the crime statistics and how many murders have taken place over the last 10 years i cannot see the improvements you mention.

  • Debbie

    No amount of bitching and backbiting on any forum is going to change the fact, that there is a large section of society that glorify violence and knife crime. I am London born and bred, have always lived in east London and for 10 years lived in Bow. Over the years we have all heard the stories of Reggie and Ronnie. But hello, this is 2011, not the dark 50’s.
    I have looked at the Youtube clips as suggested by Peace. To me these images quite clearly show a group of delusional young men that are intent on living violent lifes. Instead of putting blame on non east Londoners moving in trying to change London, or any social venue, or lack of security, too much security, the list is always endless of who we are going to blame, should we all not be campaigning our MP’s to get to the root cause of why all these youths lose their way. We all say we are sick of hearing about young lads turning on eachother with knifes and guns, but are we really looking at changing this epidemic, or are we just looking at ways of keeping it away from our own areas.

  • Concerned resident

    @Mrs Wilson – Since all the trouble that residents complain about occurs much later than 11pm at night it rather prompts the question of how credible an assessment at that time of night actually is.

    If the review was conducted by a police licensing officer then one can only hope that the rigour of the independent review will include this visit and the conduct of that officer as part of its investigation

    If the review was conducted by the Council’s licensing officers it seems very likely that a Freedom of Information Act request for the assessment report will be lodged shortly. Plus questions to Councillors as the relevance of a visit at 11am in relation to a club where people leaving the club have been consistently witnessed and reported as causing generating trouble in neighboring streets at 3am.

  • Concerned resident

    If all the people who are going on and on about murders in East End actually looked at “the murder map” you’ll see that, apart from the city fringes the bulk of Tower Hamlets is actually no worse than a lot of Inner London and much better than some areas. Parts of outer London/the suburbs are also at least as bad.

    The area between Victoria Park and the River (including Mile End) is highly residential and a lot better than some other areas. Within this rather large area of Tower Hamlets there has only been one murder in 2010 and this current incident is the only murder relating to 2011. That highlights for me how very inappropriate this area is for a nightclub which attracts the sort of people who carry knives.

    Click this link to view the murder map and check the facts – you will need to zoom in to start seeing Tower Hamlets relative to other parts of London //

    What we have is a very real problem with concentrated areas of anti-social behaviour specifically associated with the night-time economy at Mile End. If we ELIMINATE the night-time economy there is every reason to suppose the ASB and associated crime will diminish significantly.

    Believe it or not Mrs Wilson, not everybody has the opportunity to go to leafier parts of London to have their family. Rather a lot of families round here but would also very much like their children to be able to sleep at night without being woken by people exiting your husband’s club or having to look at the way these louts foul the pavements in neighbouring streets.

  • monty

    i dont understand why they try to blame the venue ,first they have to blame they own childeren ,and themself because they can teach them how to respect other people if the place close this kind s….t proplem is not going to finish in eastend never …

  • Tom

    @ Concerned Resident. I completely agree with this. Well put and argued.

    @ Lisa. I can understand some of the reasons you moved out of the area. Schooling is probably the biggest issue of the borough, although right around Mile End, there are some decent schools (and I’m not talking private schools).
    I still don’t understand why you have issues with middle class people complaining to try to make the area better.
    First, if you’ve moved out, then move on ! Let people who are still residents here decide what is best for them, and complain about what they feel is unacceptable.
    Second, even for residents who have been here for a long time, it should be seen as rather positive that newcomers should feel concerned and try to make things here better. You could have people live here during weekdays as a convenient access to the city and buzz off somewhere nice during week-ends.
    So please, do let us complain and try to get this club shut down for the benefits of all the people who live nearby. Thank you.

    @Mrs Wilson. You will see from my first post, that I was rather supportive of your husband’s effort to improve the club. The truth is that his plan to draw a better clientele, which was what the licensing judge had bought into, has failed. Instead of accepting this and taking his loss, it seems that your husband has broken his promise to the court and to the residents, and has allowed to these urban raves that draw knives-wielding people to resume, with all the consequences we know. So yes, some comments of the residents are possibly excessive but there are good reasons to that.

  • John

    @Concerned resident “If we ELIMINATE the night-time economy there is every reason to suppose the ASB and associated crime will diminish significantly”.

    I take it you mean close all the chicken shops, kebab & chip shops, minicab offices, 24-hour petrol station etc. Maybe we should close the tube station early? Impose a curfew on the 16,000 students from QMU (who add some £750,000,000 to the UK economy each year)? And how about the various doss houses nearby with their accommodation for battered women or the council-funded Mile End “hotel” B&B. Kick ’em all out.

    So close everything related to the “night-time” economy. Job done? No! I will still be woken up by ambulances and police cars storming by my flat at all hours!

    I certainly don’t agree with the other extreme either – ie just accept Mile End is a dump.

    It just seems to me a middle ground is what is needed. I wouldn’t say no to council-funded improvements to

  • Tom

    @ John. You’re right, a middle ground is needed, and it didn’t seem to me that Concerned Resident was advocating such an extreme position as what you accused him of.
    I don’t think we should accept that Mile End should be a dump – and I don’t think it is THAT bad. I accept and rather like the fact that it never going to be a squeaky clean area such as the west-end or the leafy suburbs some people have mentioned. It is more diverse, and all residents need to accept that. But we can’t be complacent either with venues that bring very little bebefit, if any, to the community and cause misery and distress to residents nearby.

  • stacey

    Just took a look at the youtube video uploaded of the man who lost his life on sunday morning, judging by the related comments under the video, it appears the young lad was no angel himself. //

    I don’t think the disturbances are quite as bad as some people here are making out. Seems a lot of kill joys will not be happy until Boheme shuts its doors for the final time. To be honest as a local resident myself, I find the hovel of drunks reeking of urine and scrounging for cigarettes throughout the day outside the betting shop (a few doors from Boheme) more offensive…but I optimistically assume once you have successfully contributed to Boheme’s licence being revoked, neighbourhood watch can turn its efforts to that, or perhaps the gangs of asians spotted regularly throwing things off of the yellow bridge onto unsuspecting cars & pedestrians underneath… no Mile End is not perfect I’m afraid, and the closure of this nightclub will not change that.

    I would also like to literate I have no connections to the club whatsoever. I note this was insinuated regarding a previous user comment, just because someone had the audacity(!) to differ in opinion and disagree with what a residents association organ grinder! How dare they!! …I find it libellous to suggest the comment is made up to protect Boheme when you have no evidence of this. I am a local resident who heard about this tragic story online, I have no affiliations with the club whatsoever…. I do, however think some people are being over zealous in protesting for the clubs closure. We should also consider the snowball effect this will have on other local businesses, the additional income for local take aways and mini cab services, as well as the jobs that Boheme creates.

  • Lauren Wilson

    Residents – in terms of the results of the spot check Benn feels you all should have total transparency to the findings and urges you to contact Andy Jackson and his team for visibility of this and questions surrounding it.

    Concerned resident – If you are in some way insinuating we lead or have been entitled to a privileged lifestyle, your are sorely mistaken, Anything Benn and i have has achieved has been worked for furiously all our lives and the ‘opportunity’s’ we have grabbed with both hands have been opportunities we have made for ourselves, by ourselves, for as long as i can remember we have both worked 2 jobs, always unsocial hours so have sacrificed family life to support our choices in lifestyle.

    I expect you have been present at all the residents meeting and were one of the 7 residents at the last meeting voicing you concerns?? Benn takes noise complaints very seriously so i would also expect you have has some dialogue directly with him about this – He asks for your name so that he can pick up with you again in relation to your ongoing complaints?

    Whether you, Concerned resident, ‘believes it or not’ our life savings went into Boheme so we take the smooth running of this business as seriously as the residents as this is our and our children’s livelyhood!! I’m a being candid because i feel we have not been taken seriously, I’m not on here for any kind of sympathy but to help you all understand the facts of what occurred that night, i refuse to be subject to any personal assumptions or insults so this will be my last post. Benn has asked me to relay to you all that he, as he always has been, is available for dialogue over the incident and running of the club.

    Again i wish to offer my family’s deep condolences to the victims friends and family concerning their loss.

    • Concerned Resident

      Lauren – now I’ve seen the witness statements your husband and Dante Williams gave to the police ( see Police evidence to Licensing Sub-Committee Hearing – witness statements of Benn Wilson and Dante Williams I’m absolutely fascinated by your husband’s notion of “transparency”.

      Does transparency mean that Benn told the police when they visited on the night in question that he no longer had an operational CCTV system on the premises and hence should not have opened up as he was in breach of the terms of his licence?

      Does transparency mean that Benn told you that he had asked Dante Williams to make up a story (aka “lie to the police”) to explain the absence of the CCTV before or after you commented on this thread?

    • Resident

      There was no transparency. Benn lied, and an innocent young man was murdered uneccesarily….. !. Hewas not murdered with a champagne bottle… 2. How was such a large knife allowed in the club. 3. Your CCTV was re-possessed for nonpayment…… bla bla bla…..
      So it is very apparent that Benn has blood on his hands for failing to comply with all these things AND MORE!!!!!! He will have to live with that, whilst poor Kelvins family have to adjust to life without their Daddy, Son, Brother, cousin etc!!!! So dont playthe pity card!!!!! You need to be closed down for all your lying and incapabilities of running a business…..

  • George



  • resident

    @ Lisa – the issue for residents here is about the venue, not the area. When the venue was the club Benjy’s, I recall no problems and certainly don’t remember a protest or petition against Benjy’s as “BST” says above. However, new operators took over from Benjy’s and it became Purple, rebranded to Club E3. In 2008 Club E3/Purple had its licence suspended by the police (sound familiar?) for crime and violent disorder (including a policeman being hospitalised after being beaten with a gun; drug dealing; public disorder outside the venue etc) and at the full review, the police persuaded the council to revoke the licence, using CCTV footage (from outside) the Club. East London Advertiser reported in November 2008:

    “Tower Hamlets council’s CCTV team produced a 30-minute compilation of footage of incidents outside the E3 club over August and September which was shown to councillors.
    “The footage spoke volumes,” said the council’s Community Safety operations manager Heather Mallinder.
    “The strength of feeling has obviously been running high among neighbours.
    “This club has not been run in a responsible manner, resulting in crime and disorder in the area.”

    In May 2009, residents were asked by a council licensing officer to meet “proposed purchasers” of the venue who had appeared while Club E3 were appealing the revocation. Their purchase ‘overrode’ Club E3’s appeal process and they became the new owners, assuring all parties (police/licensing/residents) that they had NO CONNECTION to the shut-down Club E3/Purple. The new owner, Benn Wilson, called his club Broke and then Boheme.

    On Saturday night, Boheme promoted the Club night as:


    “Club E3 Reunion” – Club E3, shut down by the police.

    Lisa, we are not complaining here that we want Mile End to be leafy suburbia. We just didn’t want a repetition of Club E3 here. Before you moved out of Mile End, did you see the Club E3 CCTV footage and/or hear and see why it was shut down?

  • lisa

    resident – if all the problems in the area could be solved by closing one club i would still be living in tower hamlets.if it closes will it get rid of the drunks in mile end park [and the dogs mess],the drunks coming out/in of mile end station every weekend,get rid of the drug dealers in stepney. i grew up here i do not need to see cctv footage to know how many fights happen all over tower hamlets on a regular for crime the mets figures show crime went UP in tower hamlets by 3.5%. in 2008-2009 there were 8 murders in 2009-2010 there were 6 murders [none of them in this club by the way] how would this club not being there change these figures? but as i have said before no one leaving these comments seem at all concerned about the real social issues here only the fact that they want to live in a quite street, maybe thats because reporting noise has to be declared and affects the price of your property and as i keep on saying if you actually had a choice of living here or not you got what you paid for a home in a deprived inner city borough what did you really expect

  • J

    I have lived in the area for the whole of my 21 years, there is always trouble at this club formally broke about six months back now boheme and before that purples, it’s ridiculous! The security are shit they just stand around doing nothing! It is terrible what has happened to this young man and my thoughts are with his family. It’s true that bow/mile end have their own share of trouble but this would not have happened if this club was closed down. I fully support all the local residents that this club needs to be shut! How many more teams of management are going to try and re launch this club? There’s always problems and if the management did the security checks this would probably not of happened! It’s discusting and they shouldn’t be allowed to get away with it! RIP.

  • concerned resident


    Areas of Tower Hamlets vary. Look at the statistics again for 2010 and 2011 to date for the area between Victoria Park and the River Thames. Only one murder before this oen.


    The residents don’t want the Club
    The Police don’t want the Club
    The Community Safety Manager doesn’t want the Club
    The Licensing Committee of the Council didn’t want the Club

    We got the Club – and now a young man has been murdered.

    I wonder if the Licensing Magistrates can sleep in their bed at night.

      • concerned resident

        No but the Council knows exactly how many people went to the trouble of making representations against this club and the numbers were huge.

  • resident

    @ Lisa – you say we Mile End residents are not interested in the “real social issues” of the area and have even gone so far as to include “female circumcision” (on the Quiet Night site) as one of these issues. That is insulting. We are just discussing the facts around this club and the club’s licence here.
    P.S. I didn’t say all the problems in the area could be solved by closing one club. Also, perhaps you should have said closing it AGAIN.

  • resident

    Apologies to Lisa – you did mention “female circumcision” here on the MERA site as well.

    To return to this club: Purple/Club E3/Broke/Boheme, I would like to add that residents, besides not having any problems with the former club there, Benjy’s, (went there myself) – we similarly have no problems with the long-standing (26 years) The Backstreet Club on Wentworth Mews. Backstreet even have a Gallery of old pictures of the whole club (of which they are a part at the rear), when it was the famous ‘La Boheme’ (from where Benn Wilson took the current name):


    Shame that some news reports are calling the currently closed Boheme club (and venue where the incident took place) ‘La Boheme.’

  • George

    Concerned resident I fully agree with your below statement at posted 4.22pm above in capital type, that neatly sums up the situation.



    The residents don’t want the Club
    The Police don’t want the Club
    The Community Safety Manager doesn’t want the Club
    The Licensing Committee of the Council didn’t want the Club

    We got the Club – and now a young man has been murdered.

    I wonder if the Licensing Magistrates can sleep in their bed at night.”

    But why is so much space being taken up on this thread with Lisa, who says she doesn’t live in Mile End or even Tower Hamlets and who personally is not at all effected in any shape or form by the problems and local difficulties facing local Mile End residents resulting from the Boheme ? She may have genuine views on wider general social issues etc, but they are not relevant to this Mile End Resident’s thread on the Boheme. There are plenty of other more appropiate sites where Lisa can air her views on social isssues in deprived areas and the UK in general.

  • donna

    What I don’t understand is why everyone thinks the club is the problem, anyone would think you walk in there and turn evil.. there are a few silly guy who spoil it for everyone else.. and now everyone thinks that if you hold an “unban” event there will be trouble. A friend of mine was at this event and didn’t have the ID scanned and say this guy was stabbed with a knife not a bottle. so it seems to be the security not doing there job which has resulted in this death. My heart goes out the Kelvin’s family but he was no innocent by stander. you only have to watch he’s video’s // where he is clearly talking about the kind of life he lives. If it didn’t happen there it would have happened else where is seems many people on here are just concerned that it’s a little to close to there front door and would rather watch it on the news happening somewhere else.

  • lisa

    george -why do you presume these issues do not concern me? iam concerned because most of my family live in east london my father actually lives behind this club and i work for tower hamlets council so actually iam affected by all these issues on a daily basis. the wider social issues are VERY relevant as they lead directly to the kinds of behaviour being discussed here.EVERYONE should be concerned and affected when a young man loses his life like this or is everyone forgetting what actually happened on saturday night
    resident – you find the mention of female circumcision insulting contact the london for their take on this very real problem in this borough

  • lisa

    george -why do you presume these issues do not concern or affect me? iam concerned because most of my family live in east london my father actually lives behind this club and i work for tower hamlets council so actually iam affected by all these issues on a daily basis. the wider social issues are VERY relevant as they lead directly to the kinds of behaviour being discussed here.EVERYONE should be concerned and affected when a young man loses his life like this or is everyone forgetting what actually happened on saturday night
    resident – you find the mention of female circumcision insulting contact the london for their take on this very real problem in this borough

    • resident

      I don’t find the “mention of female circumcision insulting” I found it insulting to that you say that the issue of female circumcision is one that I (and other Tower Hamlets residents) have no concern for. Then you go on to say this is a “very real problem”, inferring that I don’t think it is a very real problem.
      And you are a Tower Hamlets council officer?
      What exactly are you aiming to do here in this discussion about Boheme and Club E3? This discussion is focused on Boheme and Club E3 as we residents will be asked again by Tower Hamlets Council to be involved in responding to the full review of the Boheme premises licence (currently suspended) in 28 days time. We know this well as we went through it in 2008 when we were asked by the Council (your employers) to do this for Club E3 which had its licence suspended and then 28 days later revoked.
      Residents will be called on very soon now. We remember how it was with Club E3 and now its the same process for Boheme. Sorry, but we are not being asked by your employers, TH Council, to respond to “drunks in mile end park [and the dogs mess],the drunks coming out/in of mile end station every weekend,…drug dealers in stepney.”
      It’s also cruel to say to residents of Tower Hamlets that “as a mother there was no way i could allow my children to grow up and be schooled there”. So we are bad mothers, (fathers) too. You don’t work for Tower Hamlets Education dept, do you? (NB, the young man who was murdered at the Club E3 reunion was also a father as well as a son and brother as others have commented.)
      Why are you doing this to residents here at the MERA discussion on the club and at Quiet Night?

  • lisa

    concerned resident – because there was only 1 murder in your part of tower hamlets that does make it ok that so many other people lost their lives because thats what it sounds like you are saying by totally dismissing them to the point that you didn’t even mention them. all the murder victims family and friends must just love people with your take on life and murder

    • concerned resident

      You have such a way of completely distorting what people say!

      Of course it’s never OK for people to be murdered. However it’s not OK to slag off residents for living here – and choosing to live here – either! Do you realise how incredibly patronising you sound?

      I’m pointing out that if you look at the murder map, that the very largely residential area between Victoria Park and Limehouse is actually not the “den of iniquity” that some people in this thread appear to be keen to promote – as if that then makes it OK for a club like this to be located here, as if people who live in this area should NOT be entitled to expect a reasonably quality of life.

      The point is that, statistically speaking, it is very unusual to have a murder in this area. It is no worse than lots of areas of London. People are much more likely to be killed crossing the Mile End Road!

  • George

    Lisa I don’t think that we can solve all the problems connected to the wider issues and general social concerns that you have flooded this thread with. But hopefuly and with the Police’s help we can look to this club closing so that no other family can suffer such a similar tragic loss of a son or brother.

  • lisa

    george – do you really believe closing this club will result in no more murders in tower hamlets i really wish i has your rose coloured glasses when looking at these issues. historically murder has always happened in east london and until the social issues behind this behaviour is confronted i presume it always will. as i stated in a previous comment in the last 2 years there has been 14 murders in the borough and none of them was in a club

  • George

    Lisa it will stop another murder in this club. Murders will sadly continue to happen elsewhere and so will famine and poverty etc. But if the Boheme does not reopen then another family will never experience the tragic loss of a loved one, or the injury to a loved one on its premises.

    That its, a real solution to a difficult problem relating just to the Boheme. That is soley the matter to hand.

  • John

    George & others – i think it is great that folk want to help make mile end a better place. But, some of the best times i have had in mile end have had (and I live here!) have been at Purple E3/Benjys of a weekend – a great time with friends.

    Mile end is at the junction of two A roads and has an enormous student campus and a busy tube station and some 8 bus routes. It is not this residential idyll some would want it to be.

    I get the feeling that most MERA members want to take everything out of mile end that make it what it is (basically some shops/life centered around a busy road and tube intersection) whereas they should look at what we have and work with it.

    A weird thing is that folk who live here by and large don’t work here (and I include myself) and that those who work here don’t live here (and I know around 15 of the business owners in Mile End). Close the businesses and you lose Mile End’s lifeblood and similarly if you ignore the residents.

  • George

    John you are welcomed to your opinion and the UK is a great democracy so its good that I and many others can beg to differ. In the meantime its less than a 15 minute tube ride from Mile End on the central line to the West End where you can really party and enjoy yourself in some of the best clubs in the world. Mind you unlike the Boheme last weekend, the West End Clubs don’t allow Urban Rave nights, as they are deemed too dangerous and violent. Good night.

  • Concerned resident

    Cassie said (up above)
    “Very sad? Seems like most of you residents are happy that it happened. Hmm after all ,you will get what you wanted now, no matter what the cost. Shame on you”

    That’s an outrageous comment!

    If the residents had got what they wanted:
    – this club would never have been opened in the first place
    – this incident would never have happened and
    – a man would not now be dead

    A HUGE number of residents went to a very great deal of trouble to provide statements and evidence to the Licensing Officers, the Licensing Committee and the Licensing Magistrates.

    The public gallery was packed when the application went to the Licensing Sub Committee on Thursday, 27th August, 2009. Councillor Peck spoke against the application on behalf of the very many residents living in Aberavon Road/Bow West Ward which got the fallout from the club when it was operating as E3. Councillor Gold spoke against the application on behalf of Cllr Hussain and residents of the Mile End East Ward.

    Read the full minutes of the meeting //

    Let’s be very clear about this we didn’t want the licence withheld or removed AT ANY COST.

    Residents were campaigning hard to avoid this sort of thing happening. Many people were very concerned that the business model proposed was not going to work (as has happened) and we would end up with the same sort of events as happened when the club was Purple/E3 (as has happened).

    The cost we actively campaigned to avoid is the one that has now been paid by this young man with his life.

    If the residents had been listened to in the first place none of this would have happened.

    Hopefully the next time Licensing Magistrates get such a swell of opinion they will spend rather more time listening to it.

    Why should we be ashamed that we all worked very hard to PREVENT something like this happening? Shame on you for having such little regard for your neighbours who have tried and are trying to make this a better place for people to live for everybody.

  • lisa

    lets hope when you get you way and this club is closed that i feel safer having to walk to and use mile end train station late at night somehow i do not think i will but i hope you all get the quite night that you want. if residents got together and put as much effort into for example opening a youth club in the area as you do to trying to close this club maybe you would see some real improvements the the anti-social behaviour in this area

    • concerned resident


      Every time you comment on this thread – as somebody who no longer lives here – you betray your complete ignorance of the very substantial amount of work that this community has been putting into improving the environment round here for the last few years.

      Just because we’ve started doesn’t mean we get instant results. It’s hard graft. However very significant progress has been made and is being made. Huge numbers of the community mobilised to try and stop the licence for the club being granted. Petitions were started. People wrote letters. They gave witness statements to the Licensing Magistrates.

      That’s people who were born here, people who have lived here for a very long time and people who have recently come to live here. That’s because they all think it really matters to them and their lives and the lives of their kids.

      You could start making progress yourself by opening your eyes and looking at the rest of the websites you have been writing on! The very fact that they exist means that the community living north and south of the Mile End Road are working hard to make Mile End a better place to live – as we are entitled to do. People are not complacent. However they don’t have magic wands and it takes time. Why don’t you try finding out what they have been doing?

      Before you comment again why don’t you tell us first what you have personally done to try and improve where your Dad lives?

  • Rob

    Lisa as usual you entirely miss the point. The violance and noisy disruption etc from the Boheme that the local residents are concerned with and want to stop, occurrs well after Mile End Station is closed and while the station is not in use. The Boheme is a late night venue open till 4.00 am and on the night of the Murder till 5.00am, with the its disruptive, noisy and sometimes violent patrons departing its premises from 3.00 am onwards, being from when the trouble and disruption mainly begins.

    Enough has been said on this tragedy and I feel confident that the Police will investigate this incident correctly and that Justice will be done. I can say no more, goodbye.

  • resident

    The East End Advertiser has the incident on their front page, today. Publicity is needed by the police as we have also seen here, where the police have asked potential witnesses in this discussion to contact them.

    There is also a digital edition of the Advertiser (with the front page story) and this online:

    Besides ITV London News – as linked to above – there is also BBC London News which cites the same time that the police arrived at the incident as “1.30am BST.” There was no 1.30am BST that night as clocks went forward to Summer Time at 1am to 2am. (The police were probably called at 2.30am then?)

    Another report is from, a people-generated news source, who add more conflicting information with the ‘arrival’ of the ambulance: “An ambulance, driving back to hospital, found the body of the man lying in the road with multiple stab wounds.”
    See: //

    All of this publicity and reporting whether official or unofficial however is absolutely essential for the police in their appeals and in their investigation.

  • lisa

    concerned resident – what difference does it make if i live there or not? why shouldn’t i be concerned? just because your not even concerned about what happens in the rest of the borough you live in [your take on crime statistics]. its because people are not concerned about anything that is not on their door step these things continue to you live mile end what have you done, other then try to close this club to benefit yourself, to improve the area? as for my father iam still trying my hardest to move him out but he won’t. 2 of my children do voluntary work with so called ‘disadvantaged’ children and professionally i deal with these issues everyday
    rob-no i think its you that misses the point until the social issues in this area are dealt with nothing will change except you getting a good night sleep.i get the impression you think its ok from me to be attacked before the noise from this club disturbs you.
    goerge – i think this is the only real decent comment i have read thanks for restoring my faith in the residents of mile end

  • concerned resident

    @Lisa – The bit I don’t understand is why you keep having a go at the people and the community organisations who are just trying to improve their local neighbourhood?

    Try giving some credit to the people who are living here who are trying to make a difference – from the grassroots up.

    Try recognising that local residents are not the politicians and that they can’t fix what’s broken in the whole of the borough! Nor would many have the time to even try.

    Try recognising that there are MANY issues which need to be addressed – not just the ones you know about or affect you personally.

    Try understanding that as residents we can prioritise our time and effort and try and fix what’s broken in our own local neighbourhood. That’s what many local people have been doing in recent times. They don’t all have the option like your father of moving out – and so they prefer to get on and do something about it because they’re still going to be living here after you’ve got your dad to move out!

    I take it you still haven’t looked at the website outside this post for examples of the involvement of local people with the very many practical things MERA have been achieving in recent times in relation to safe neighbourhoods, tackling the state of the streets and waste disposal, road traffic safety, regeneration and developments, vetting planning applications for undesirable developments, licensing matters, monitoring of the nightclub, getting better facilities for children etc etc etc.

    Are you volunteering to make a difference by contributing some time to improving your father’s neighbourhood?

  • Local

    It occurred to me walking home this evening there is a local precedent, what is now The Greedy Cow was a violent nasty pub (the name of which escapes me) where a murder happened and it was closed for a couple of years before reopening as a The Greedy Cow. Lets hope Boheme closes and reopens as something similar perhaps like the La Boheme restaurant that used to be next door that was my parents favorite for meals out through the 1970’s.

    • John

      It was called The Prince of Wales. It is where my brother met his wife. Been there for around a century. There was a murder there (the landlord shot a customer in the head). My recollection wasn’t that it was a violent pub, rather that this was pretty much an isolated incident. There was very much a path of:
      Prince of Wales -> Benjys -> City Kebab -> Mile End Cabs.
      Indeed the Prince got its licence extended, then Benjys followed, and then City Kebabs got an extension on their licence.

      • A

        I used to drink in The Prince Of Wales now and again, dont remember it being violent, but I do remember being told the Landlord was a bit dodgy! I also remember a couple of occasions when the pub was shot at by passing cars!

      • resident

        Gina (above) already mentioned this incident. It happened in 2002 but Gina is wrong to say “grown men were shooting each other in the Prince of Wales on Grove Road.” It wasn’t in the pub, it was outside the pub and it wasn’t shooting each other.

        It was the landlord though and he then went onto Scotland Yard’s Ten Most Wanted list. When he was eventually arrested The Evening Standard said:

        “Yard arrests ‘Most Wanted’

        A suspected gangster at the top of Scotland Yard’s “Most Wanted” list was arrested this morning after walking into an East End police station.
        Anthony Shepherd, 44, was held for the murder of Lee Chesaites, 19, who was shot dead outside the Prince of Wales pub in Bow last November.
        Shepherd, a pub landlord from Bow, was first on the Yard’s FBI-style wanted list when it was launched last month.
        Police offered a £7,500 reward to help catch Shepherd, who owned properties on the Canary Islands.
        On the night of the murder Chesaites – who was described as “decent and ambitious” – and some friends had allegedly been involved in a minor row with a group of women shortly before 11.30pm. Soon afterwards he and a friend were picked up in a yellow Renault Megane, drove back past the scene of the argument and pulled up at the Prince of Wales. It was then that Mr Chesaites was shot.”

        I recollect that the boy was shot in the car and that it pulled up to visit the kebab shop mentioned above?

        If the Prince of Wales had its licence extended after a former landlord committed murder and this murder took place outside on the street and not in the premises, then it’s no surprise.

        The two murders are hard to compare as of course the Broke/Boheme murder was inside the premises etc.. Agree with George though that there could be other options for the venue on Mile End Road, which was also once a cinema, before a WW2 bomb. Stratford Picture House has a restaurant and bar as well as cinema screens. Any other ideas?….

  • Una Barry

    I was born and bred in Bow so I’m not an outsider, but also without sounding smug, I am an educated East Ender and had the chance to go to University and do something with my life when all we had in Fairfied Road was an outside loo, no fridge, food parcels coming from our farming family in Ireland, no bathroom, and so off to the public baths on a Tuesday and Saturday. But the difference with us is that we were happy with what we had, and saw the value in education.

    EXACTLY, this murder just about sums it up – came into E3 from N17 – not exactly around the corner – innit! Sorry but what happened was an unnecessary death, leaving parents bereaved, but waiting to happen again. It is proof of the very thing I have been banging on about for the last four years – that wretched night club, in all its incarnations, was never for local residents or for the neighbourhood but a convenient place for ‘others’ to go to at an affordable price and the ‘yuppies’. We now await a death at Bromley-by-Bow station to get London Underground staff and Community Police there to protect us and see that some of us know the place, and no good just doing ‘process’ and ticking boxes.

    I am happy that the licence has been suspended but I am also very angry as I could see this coming. You don’t need a PhD in Social Welfare, or Psychology or whatever social science you may choose – my degree is in music and interfaith relations so I am not against the Muslim or Hindu community that surround me! Long may this ban on the licence last! We are now in an area where the majority of Asian/Muslim/Hindu background. That is the reality, and by their nature and faith – unless they go against that, which some do – they are not drinkers, walking around the street at night absolutely plastered and throwing their half-eaten take-aways into my garden and anywhere they choose. They don’t pee in my garden or in Maplin Street either at 4am! They are law-abiding, friendly and a joy to have around in the neighbourhood.

    The area needs infrastructure for such people, not night clubs when people should, quite frankly, be in bed asleep unless they are on night-work, but the whole situation and the bigger picture has to be looked at. Again we go back to that place that is applying to stay open all night – wants to stay open until 5am, selling food that is simply inappropriate and feeding the unhealthy diet of the nation – and cashing in on those coming out of the club.

    I am just totally fed up with all of this set up as many of us are. But no one listens to those of us who actually have ‘experience’ and dare I say ‘age’ on our sides! Rights and Social Science seem to prevail against experience and common sense. Last year people were going around saying that if we didn’t have the night club, we’d get a mosque. I know what I would rather have, the mosque! Better still for that building to be taken over and used for the community, and that we get some decent shops in the area, not just greasy spoons. Mile End Corner is a disgusting area, and given we are supposed to be hosting the Olympics in a year’s time, amazing how it can remain in such a state when even Hackney has some pride, and Stratford as well, and both are only a mile away from here.

    I am sorry someone had to get murdered, I really am, but if this death is not to be in vain, then lessons have to be learnt for the nth time about that club, and locals have to be listened to, particularly when some of us have seen it all before. I was not happy with the MERA meeting in that Club the last time, but went with the flow to see what was going on. The owner is apparently an ex-disk jockey from one of the last incarnations, full of bright ideas about using it for weddings and the community. It should now be redeveloped or pulled down. Us locals are sick to death of the place, and the impact it is having on our neighbourhood. Go up to Leicester Square if you want a club, no residents are going to be bothered around there.

  • Paul

    @ Lisa:
    I am absolutely disgusted by your attitude. Throughout your posts, where you go on and on about how such a dump Mile End and Tower Hamlets are, to the extent that residents should not bother to try to shut this club, we have learned that (1) you have fled from here to a leafy suburb, and(2) that you work for Tower Hamlet’s council.
    How can you work for the council and at the same time spit on the borough that way. You behaviour is completely inappropriate and I think I will complain to the council. In these days where the council unfortunately has to reduce costs and staff, your commitment to Tower Hamlets’ residents look weak to say the least ! I am so gutted I am paying you to hear this…

  • John Doe

    I have lived just around the corner from this club for his 6 years and all i can say is that its mayhem between 2 and 5 am every time the club is open and its a menace to all residents and passers by. Enough is enough as its more than obvious that this location does not work for a nightclub and surely the council must seriously consider closing down this site once and for all.

  • MERA News

    On the question of crime maps – MERA pulled the crime map off the new Met Police database and featured it in a recent blog post on Mile End Residents News

    See Local Area Crime Mapping – Tower Hamlets and the MERA area

    This shows the Mile End area as having an average level of crime compared to the rest of London areas as covered by the Metropolitan Police.

    If you want to check out the Met Police Database try this post on MERA News Crime mapping in the MERA Area

    You can also track all the MERA News blog posts about the nightclub on //

  • MERA News

    Details of how to make representations to the Council BY FRIDAY 8th APRIL are now availalble on the blog of Mile End Residents Association.

    See //

    Note that it seems likely that most account is taken of representations by an “interested party” – that is defined in the blog post

    Note that your representation should address the licensing objectives – also defined in the blog post. These are:
    1) The prevention of crime and disorder
    2) Public safety
    3) The prevention of public nuisance
    4) The protection of children from harm

  • resident

    A ‘better’ comparison for venues in Mile End is VIRTUE, a bar which took over the old Cornucopia pub on Mile End Road. In summer 2007, there was a stabbing on the premises: Two seriously hurt in bar attack and on 13 December 2007, there was an Application for a Review of their Licence under Section53A.
    So, VIRTUE closed down.. and the MILESTONE bar replaced it. This bar too was then up for a Review of its Licence on the same night that Broke was refused its Licence in 2009. MILESTONE closed down.
    These problematic club/bars have now been replaced with a problem-free restaurant called Zain’s.
    Perhaps others recall the VIRTUE incident? It was also similar to the Boheme/Broke incident as the attackers got away in a car parked in Rhondda Grove, while it is suspected that it was a car in Aberavon Road for the Boheme murder.

    • A

      I didn’t know about that stabbing incident at Virtue, I understood it closed after being raided for drugs.. or was that milestone?? lol im getting mixed up with all the different names.

      • resident

        Just to add some more names, it was also the Matter of Time and the Flautist(?) & Firkin, while still a (Punch Taverns?) pub.

        Hard to get the official results of the licence reviews for Virtue bar/club and Milestone bar/club as both reviews were ‘confidential’ when they went before Committee. (Public and press excluded from Council chambers.) Must have been refusas though as both bars closed down soon after.

        • A

          yep, I remeber The Matter of Time and the Flautist, I went in the Matter of Time for a drink once.. I was ill for two days
          I remember when it was The Horn Of Plenty also, In the early 90’s i believe someone got shot outside.

          • resident

            No wonder this pub on Mile End Road is now finished! Same for the pub on Grove Road. Both of them are now restaurants, coincidentally. Another pub then club that got closed down in Mile End was CLUB 54, in the former Fountain pub, opposite Queen Mary College. The Fountain first converted to a tapas bar (La Luna) then went for the big money of clubs and so CLUB 54. The council shut it down and then it was demolished as part of the student accommodation complex going up there now.

  • Concerned Resident

    I’ve been looking at this new legislation which is coming in – see // and //

    It says…..

    The proposals included:

    * overhauling the Licensing Act to give local authorities and the police much stronger powers to remove licences from, or refuse to grant licences to premises that are causing problems
    * allowing councils and the police to permanently shut down any shop or bar that is repeatedly selling alcohol to children
    * doubling the maximum fine for those caught selling alcohol to minors to £20,000
    * allowing local councils to charge more for late-night licences, which will help pay for additional policing

    It seems to me that the pendulum has swung back towards putting the community and community safety first – which is really excellent news. Plus it’s going to cost an awful lot more for a late night licence – let’s hope that’s a huge amount more.

    Given that this is the way licensing is going, I’d like to see a licensing authority or a magistrate grant a licence for a nightclub in the face of very strong opposition from the local community. There would be an uproar!

    Everybody get writing!

  • Concerned Resident

    That should have read…….

    Given that this is the way licensing is going, I’d like to see a licensing authority or a magistrate TRY AND grant a licence for a nightclub in the face of very strong opposition from the local community. There would be an uproar!

    It was an ironic comment which fell flat on its face!

  • resident

    On local community representation – what are the councillors in the THREE wards affected by the Club doing?

    Yes, two councillors spoke at the Licensing Committee meeting that refused Broke/Boheme its licence, but one of those Councillors (Peter Golds) was speaking on behalf of a councillor in the most important ward in this: Mile End East. And at Court, the Judge overturned the decision.

    This time, a Councillor from Mile End East ward must speak. If Councillor Peck represents Bow West residents again, that leaves Mile End and Globe Town ward where the Club has its necessary car park. There may be another car park on Bow Road, (behind the old petrol station) but that is still in Mile End East ward.

    So Mile End East councillors must step up for their residents this time. And a Mile End and Globe Town councillor should speak too. If it goes to appeal (if the council refuse, which is likely) then the local community must be better represented and therefore have a stronger case.

    • resident

      Sorry, should have said if the council (licensing authority) REVOKE the licence at the full review, not ‘refuse’. However, it still stands as a revocation can be appealed. This is what Purple/Club E3 were in the process of doing when Broke/Boheme appeared and put in their ‘fresh’ application.

      Something also to be aware of – if the licence is revoked and Boheme/Broke appeal, a supposedly ‘unconnected’ fresh, new applicant may appear and put in an application. A new application from a new person “overrides” any appeal – so the council’s Licensing Officer told us last time. And the police cannot object to a fresh, new application; they didn’t last time and look what happened at the subsequent appeal. That appeal also must have cost us residents thousands in fees for the TH legal defence, licensing officers etc and we/TH council lost.

      The responsibility keeps falling to residents and this will just go on and on. Surely the council must take the lead and the responsibility and our ward councillors and the licensing officers must decide once and for all if 562a Mile End Road should remain a nightclub.

  • resident

    The story was written after police (last Tuesday) reported a knife was used – and the paper doesn’t come out until Thursdays.
    The East End Advertiser front page: //

  • East End Born and Bread

    ,We all need to consider that the problem perhaps isn’t a night club but sign of the times of street culture..I cannot help but think the police are more to blame in what’s going on on our streets???

    controversial but i feel the owner is an easy target for a fall guy here when stabbings are become rife in this area,

    • Concerned Resident

      The owner is not a fall guy. The owner is completely incompetent and not fit to hold a licence for a nightclub. (see the answer to Cassie’s comment dated 19th April for an explanation)

      Benn Wilson – the licensee – was operating the club in full knowledge that there was no CCTV machine operating on the premises at all (it had been removed) and hence since the premises didn’t comply with the security system terms of the licence he actually didn’t have a licence to be open for any event at the club on the night when the murder took place.

      How exactly is he the fall guy? As opposed to a very stupid man who I assume will get an extremely large fine for his negligence.

  • Cassie

    WELL WELL WELL SURPRISE SURPRISE.. Our ‘LOVELY’ area has ANOTHER stabbing, how could this be?? Isn’t the TROUBLESOME Boheme now closed? How could there possibly be another stabbing in our area whilst that is closed? NO MURDERS EVER HAPPEN HERE DO THEY??? PAH!!! DELUDED FOOLS.

    A teenager is fighting for his life after being stabbed when a gang chased him inside a takeaway shop

    The 16-year-old boy is in a critical condition in hospital after the three or four youths attacked him on Saturday night.

    He was stabbed several times inside the EFC fast food shop in Tower Hamlets, east London.

    Detectives released details of the incident as they launched an appeal for witnesses.

    The victim – who lives locally – ran along Burdett Road and into the takeaway, chased by one of his attackers, before he was stabbed. Police were alerted at 9.25pm.

    His condition remains critical in an east London hospital, Scotland Yard said.

    Detective Constable Christina Jessah said the boy’s friends scattered as he was chased.

    :: Anyone with any information should can call police on 020 7275 4546 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

    • Concerned Resident

      Nobody ever said that stabbings did not happen in the area. What was said was that the police statistics very clearly demonstrate that it is extremely unusual for anybody to be murdered in this area.

      What exactly is your agenda here? Why do you want to run down the area? Fact – stabbings also happen all over London. Mile End has an average amount of crime – that means exactly the same as most of the rest of London – except for anti-social behaviour which is somewhat higher due to the operation of the club. So your point is….?

      In the meantime it’s now very apparent that Kelvin Easton would never have been stabbed at all if Benn Wilson, the licensee, hadn’t opened the club knowing full well that in doing so he would be breaching his licence (i.e. there was no CCTV operating at all on the premises because the CCTV had been reclaimed in mid March by its owner because of an unpaid bill). See the Police witness statements from Benn Wilson and Dante Williams submitted as evidence to the Licensing Hearing and the latest post on this website Catalogue of lies and incompetence from Boheme (to be updated)

      There is absolutely no question IMO that
      1) security systems were a very long way adrift from what the mandatory licence conditions, and
      2) Benn Wilson will have his licence to operate the Boheme Club REVOKED by the Licensing Sub Committee on Thursday evening.

      The question of whether the extremely negligent behaviour of Benn Wilson and Dante Williams prior to and during the events of 26th/27th March contributed in any way to the events which took place in the club remains unanswered at present………