Man Murdered in Mile End Sunday Morning – Boheme license suspended

On Tuesday 29th March at 17.30 the LBTH Licensing Sub Committee met to review the premise licence for the Boheme Club and the licence for the club has been suspended pending a full review within 28 days.  Below is a report by Andrew Jackson (Met Police Licensing Officer). Full document here (PDF download) An article on the Voice Online website gives the victims name as Kelvin Easton, 23, from Broadwater Farm, Tottenham, north London, also known as the rapper Smegz.

According to the Murdermap website…..

A postmortem gave the cause of death as a stab wound to the heart.

Four men aged between 17 and 27 have been arrested and bailed until May.

Detective Chief Inspector Charles King, of the Met’s Homicide and Serious Crime Command, said: “We would urge anyone with any information about the murder of Kelvin Easton, or any witnesses to the incident in the Boheme nightclub, to come forward.”

Anyone with information is asked to call the incident room on 020 8345 4142 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

Report from Met Police to Licensing Sub Comittee


Police still search the area on Monday for evidence,

Monday 28th March the management of the club issued this statement for residents:-

Further to the incident that ended in a fatality, we at Boheme thought it was right to inform our local residents our insight on the incident.
Late on Saturday night / Sunday morning a young man aged 23, got in to an argument with another man inside the venue. He was then attacked with a champagne bottle which struck him in the chest. Our Security team reacted swiftly to attend to the situation by calling the emergency services and attempting CPR.
We will be working alongside the police using our in house ID scan to ensure that the person responsible is caught. We at Boheme apologise for any inconveniences caused during Sunday and the next few days while the police continue their investigation.

MERA issued the following statement on Tuesday 29th March.

As we have been attending the monthly resident liaison meetings we have established a relationship with the Broke/Boheme management.

MERA held their AGM at the club last month; it was a successful meeting and the venue was an appropriate choice.

However, the club management have had to answer some tough questions since they opened – and account for their actions.

They will have to on this occasion as well. Their official statement to us is very brief and we will of course require more detail. We – as all other concerned parties in the Mile End area – will be withholding judgement until reports are issued from the relevent authorities, i.e. the police, the Council (Licensing) and the coroner.

As the investigation is ongoing we cannot draw any conclusions yet, whether for example we want to ‘break’ our present relationship with the club management or to continue work with them as a residents association to mitigate the effects of a night-time venue in a residential area.

Crime happens everywhere and if this was an isolated incident involving two individuals arguing and the club not having any influence on the two’s actions, the club could go on trading. However, if this turns out to be knife crime, or the event was a ‘risky’ event, we will take a different view.

A number of residents want the club closed and as you may expect an on-going dialogue is in process presently on the street, via email and on our website.

Flowers left for the victim

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Police search searching drains



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  • WELL WELL WELL SURPRISE SURPRISE.. Our 'LOVELY' area has ANOTHER stabbing, how could this be?? Isn't the TROUBLESOME Boheme now closed? How could there possibly be another stabbing in our area whilst that is closed? NO MURDERS EVER HAPPEN HERE DO THEY??? PAH!!! DELUDED FOOLS.

    A teenager is fighting for his life after being stabbed when a gang chased him inside a takeaway shop

    The 16-year-old boy is in a critical condition in hospital after the three or four youths attacked him on Saturday night.

    He was stabbed several times inside the EFC fast food shop in Tower Hamlets, east London.

    Detectives released details of the incident as they launched an appeal for witnesses.

    The victim - who lives locally - ran along Burdett Road and into the takeaway, chased by one of his attackers, before he was stabbed. Police were alerted at 9.25pm.

    His condition remains critical in an east London hospital, Scotland Yard said.

    Detective Constable Christina Jessah said the boy's friends scattered as he was chased.

    :: Anyone with any information should can call police on 020 7275 4546 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

    • Nobody ever said that stabbings did not happen in the area. What was said was that the police statistics very clearly demonstrate that it is extremely unusual for anybody to be murdered in this area.

      What exactly is your agenda here? Why do you want to run down the area? Fact - stabbings also happen all over London. Mile End has an average amount of crime - that means exactly the same as most of the rest of London - except for anti-social behaviour which is somewhat higher due to the operation of the club. So your point is....?

      In the meantime it's now very apparent that Kelvin Easton would never have been stabbed at all if Benn Wilson, the licensee, hadn't opened the club knowing full well that in doing so he would be breaching his licence (i.e. there was no CCTV operating at all on the premises because the CCTV had been reclaimed in mid March by its owner because of an unpaid bill). See the Police witness statements from Benn Wilson and Dante Williams submitted as evidence to the Licensing Hearing and the latest post on this website Catalogue of lies and incompetence from Boheme (to be updated)

      There is absolutely no question IMO that
      1) security systems were a very long way adrift from what the mandatory licence conditions, and
      2) Benn Wilson will have his licence to operate the Boheme Club REVOKED by the Licensing Sub Committee on Thursday evening.

      The question of whether the extremely negligent behaviour of Benn Wilson and Dante Williams prior to and during the events of 26th/27th March contributed in any way to the events which took place in the club remains unanswered at present.........

  • ,We all need to consider that the problem perhaps isn't a night club but sign of the times of street culture..I cannot help but think the police are more to blame in what's going on on our streets???

    controversial but i feel the owner is an easy target for a fall guy here when stabbings are become rife in this area,

    • The owner is not a fall guy. The owner is completely incompetent and not fit to hold a licence for a nightclub. (see the answer to Cassie's comment dated 19th April for an explanation)

      Benn Wilson - the licensee - was operating the club in full knowledge that there was no CCTV machine operating on the premises at all (it had been removed) and hence since the premises didn't comply with the security system terms of the licence he actually didn't have a licence to be open for any event at the club on the night when the murder took place.

      How exactly is he the fall guy? As opposed to a very stupid man who I assume will get an extremely large fine for his negligence.

    The story was written after police (last Tuesday) reported a knife was used - and the paper doesn't come out until Thursdays.
    The East End Advertiser front page: http://edition.pagesuite-professional.co.uk/launch.aspx?referral=other&refresh=rS1760mG1T5d&PBID=9818a089-581b-4a32-aca3-057ae08b1168&skip=

  • On local community representation - what are the councillors in the THREE wards affected by the Club doing?

    Yes, two councillors spoke at the Licensing Committee meeting that refused Broke/Boheme its licence, but one of those Councillors (Peter Golds) was speaking on behalf of a councillor in the most important ward in this: Mile End East. And at Court, the Judge overturned the decision.

    This time, a Councillor from Mile End East ward must speak. If Councillor Peck represents Bow West residents again, that leaves Mile End and Globe Town ward where the Club has its necessary car park. There may be another car park on Bow Road, (behind the old petrol station) but that is still in Mile End East ward.

    So Mile End East councillors must step up for their residents this time. And a Mile End and Globe Town councillor should speak too. If it goes to appeal (if the council refuse, which is likely) then the local community must be better represented and therefore have a stronger case.

    • Sorry, should have said if the council (licensing authority) REVOKE the licence at the full review, not 'refuse'. However, it still stands as a revocation can be appealed. This is what Purple/Club E3 were in the process of doing when Broke/Boheme appeared and put in their 'fresh' application.

      Something also to be aware of - if the licence is revoked and Boheme/Broke appeal, a supposedly 'unconnected' fresh, new applicant may appear and put in an application. A new application from a new person "overrides" any appeal - so the council's Licensing Officer told us last time. And the police cannot object to a fresh, new application; they didn't last time and look what happened at the subsequent appeal. That appeal also must have cost us residents thousands in fees for the TH legal defence, licensing officers etc and we/TH council lost.

      The responsibility keeps falling to residents and this will just go on and on. Surely the council must take the lead and the responsibility and our ward councillors and the licensing officers must decide once and for all if 562a Mile End Road should remain a nightclub.

  • That should have read.......

    Given that this is the way licensing is going, I’d like to see a licensing authority or a magistrate TRY AND grant a licence for a nightclub in the face of very strong opposition from the local community. There would be an uproar!

    It was an ironic comment which fell flat on its face!

  • I've been looking at this new legislation which is coming in - see http://meracouk.blogspot.com/2011/04/review-of-night-club-licence-what.html and http://www.homeoffice.gov.uk/drugs/alcohol/rebalancing-consultation/

    It says.....

    The proposals included:

    * overhauling the Licensing Act to give local authorities and the police much stronger powers to remove licences from, or refuse to grant licences to premises that are causing problems
    * allowing councils and the police to permanently shut down any shop or bar that is repeatedly selling alcohol to children
    * doubling the maximum fine for those caught selling alcohol to minors to £20,000
    * allowing local councils to charge more for late-night licences, which will help pay for additional policing

    It seems to me that the pendulum has swung back towards putting the community and community safety first - which is really excellent news. Plus it's going to cost an awful lot more for a late night licence - let's hope that's a huge amount more.

    Given that this is the way licensing is going, I'd like to see a licensing authority or a magistrate grant a licence for a nightclub in the face of very strong opposition from the local community. There would be an uproar!

    Everybody get writing!

  • A 'better' comparison for venues in Mile End is VIRTUE, a bar which took over the old Cornucopia pub on Mile End Road. In summer 2007, there was a stabbing on the premises: Two seriously hurt in bar attack and on 13 December 2007, there was an Application for a Review of their Licence under Section53A.
    So, VIRTUE closed down.. and the MILESTONE bar replaced it. This bar too was then up for a Review of its Licence on the same night that Broke was refused its Licence in 2009. MILESTONE closed down.
    These problematic club/bars have now been replaced with a problem-free restaurant called Zain's.
    Perhaps others recall the VIRTUE incident? It was also similar to the Boheme/Broke incident as the attackers got away in a car parked in Rhondda Grove, while it is suspected that it was a car in Aberavon Road for the Boheme murder.

    • I didn't know about that stabbing incident at Virtue, I understood it closed after being raided for drugs.. or was that milestone?? lol im getting mixed up with all the different names.

      • Just to add some more names, it was also the Matter of Time and the Flautist(?) & Firkin, while still a (Punch Taverns?) pub.

        Hard to get the official results of the licence reviews for Virtue bar/club and Milestone bar/club as both reviews were 'confidential' when they went before Committee. (Public and press excluded from Council chambers.) Must have been refusas though as both bars closed down soon after.

        • yep, I remeber The Matter of Time and the Flautist, I went in the Matter of Time for a drink once.. I was ill for two days
          I remember when it was The Horn Of Plenty also, In the early 90's i believe someone got shot outside.

          • No wonder this pub on Mile End Road is now finished! Same for the pub on Grove Road. Both of them are now restaurants, coincidentally. Another pub then club that got closed down in Mile End was CLUB 54, in the former Fountain pub, opposite Queen Mary College. The Fountain first converted to a tapas bar (La Luna) then went for the big money of clubs and so CLUB 54. The council shut it down and then it was demolished as part of the student accommodation complex going up there now.

  • Details of how to make representations to the Council BY FRIDAY 8th APRIL are now availalble on the blog of Mile End Residents Association.

    See http://meracouk.blogspot.com/2011/04/review-of-night-club-licence-what.html

    Note that it seems likely that most account is taken of representations by an "interested party" - that is defined in the blog post

    Note that your representation should address the licensing objectives - also defined in the blog post. These are:
    1) The prevention of crime and disorder
    2) Public safety
    3) The prevention of public nuisance
    4) The protection of children from harm