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LBTH planning are consulting on a couple of new LDF framework documents, the latest in the series of documents to “realise the vision” set out in the Core Strategy  (80,000 population rise – ‘worker population’ planned to expand by more than 100,000 –  13% of all new housing in Greater London (607 sq mi) to be built in Tower Hamlets (7.6 sq mi) – over 44,000 new homes by 2025 but for locals?).

The consultation on both the Development Plan Document & the Fish Island Area Action Plan ends on 9th March.

Full details here including details of consultation events at locations around the Borough (also see below). Try this huge map for size – very large PDF.

Proposed Submission – p.102-115 Wapping – Mile End – Bromley by Bow deals with the area around Mile End and MD DPD Proposed Submission – p.18-83 looks at housing (p28) and also looks at Fast Food takeaways  (A5 use in planning terms – p21) amongst other things.

Mile End Map

Click image to view larger version

Ray of hope for South Grove Lodge

Some hope in the document for the retention of the South Grove Lodge and open amenity space……

Development should protect and enhance heritage assets on site and in the surrounding areas, including the workhouse building and the Tower Hamlets Cemetery Conservation Area.

The Green Grid route should be integrated within the site along Southern Grove.

Read more about the history of the workhouse here

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