Mile End – Crossing and Bus Stop Changes

TFL are consulting at the moment on changes to the road layout and position of the bus stop outside Mile End Tube station and changes to the crossing. Unfortunately the original PDF file provided was not of a quality to enable you to easily see details of the changes. We today received a better version which you can see here. (PDF download 230kb)

We are trying looking into the documents we received and will be posting more news later.

Mile End Bus

Click image to see larger version

Amongst the documents we received from TFL was a “Statement of reasons”

  1. Transport for London proposes to make The GLA Roads and GLA Side Roads (Tower Hamlets) Red Route Consolidation Traffic Order 2008 A11 GLA Road (Mile End Road) Variation Order 2010.
  2. The proposed Order will allow for the provision of a 37 metre long bus cage for westbound bus services on A11 Mile End Road between Southern Grove and Maplin Street.
  3. The proposed Order will also truncate the taxi rank outside Mile End station from four spaces to two This is to bring the use of the taxi bays into conformity with Department for Transport guidance on the use of zig-zag markings at pedestrian crossings.

We still have to find out if the new pedestrian crossing will be divided into two sections or one. Often during busy times people crossing the first section of the crossing have to congregate on the central reservation for the green man to continue to the other side and are forced by people arriving from behind into the path of oncoming traffic. The central reservation cannot cater for the amount of crossing  pedestrians. It may be that they propose to widen the central reservation but it is hard to tell from the plans provided.

This post is to be updated but here is the heads up.

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