Mile End Estate Board Elections 1


Eastend Homes want to  develop their residents involvement framework and enhance their Tenant and Leaseholder participation.

So if things go according to plan information will be arriving on a doorstep near you this Friday informing you of elections to the local Mile End Estate Board.

In the leaflet that you will see a list of requirements that must be adhered to by any prospective board member.

Elected Board members of MEEMB must:

  • Abide by the Code of Conduct/Constitution. (Good bed time reading here Code of Conduct and Constitution))
  • Uphold the values of EastendHomes.
  • Uphold the policies of EastendHomes.
  • Prepare for and attend appropriate meetings, training etc.
  • Represent MEEMB at any events or functlons.
  • Declare any ‘conflicts of interest’ before discussions.

So if you think you would like to represent residents in Mile End East EEH Estates and can pick your way through the “terms & conditions” you may be the person Eastend Homes and Residents need. Go for it!

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