Mile End Estate Management Board – Thursday 23rd September at 19.00

The local EastendHomes Board will be meeting this Thursday – any questions should be in submitted in writing via the Housing Centre.

Email here mileend@eastendhomes.net

This may come as a suprise to some as no information had been posted round the Eric and Treby Estates.  A poster finally appeared yesterday afternoon after the question of how residents could be involved when the meeting was not publicised was put to Bernie Cameron.

This is a little disturbing as under new regulations which came into effect for all social housing providers from 1 April 2010 the Tenant Services Authority now expects landlords to involve their tenants and hold themselves open to scrutiny by them.

Finaly residents are told!

EastendHomes are obliged to submit an annual report for tenants to the TSA by 1 October 2010 stating how they intend enable all Tenants to have the ability to monitor and scrutinise their landlords performance against all the standards set.

Click here for agenda and see map to venue here.

In the recently published “Making Voices Count” (PDF) from HouseMark published by the TSA attention is drawn to the need to change the old methods of resident involvement. New regulations requires that all landlords must have a strong practical approach to tenant involvement and empowerment.