New development in our area – a school

Proposed new Beatrice Tate School on Southern Grove E3

The Eastend Life newspaper dropped through our doors last weekend. Amongst the usual jubilation of how sweet our lives are in LBTH was news of a new development within our estates. The area referred to is 40 – 50 Southern Grove, the Resource Centre…. where the white council buses pull up morning and late afternoon. Details are now published on the LBTH planning website. Application no PA/11/01918.

The Plans include the demolition of the existing Wilfred Reeve Centre and Resource Centre, and a single storey extension (formally a boiler house) to the Southern Grove Lodge to make way for the new Beatrice Tate School.

Beatrice Tate is an inner city special school for 60 pupils aged eleven to nineteen years who have severe or profound and multiple learning difficulties. All pupils have special educational needs and a significant and increasing number have medical needs. It is presently located at St Jude’s Road E2.

A recent Ofsted report (2008) found the Beatrice Tate to be an outstanding school, fully committed to continuous improvement. Pupils attain the “outstanding” grade for behaviour.

The proposed redevelopment will be on a similar scale to the existing buildings though do appear at a first glance to be closer to the road.

According to the planning application the proposed design will fulfil the following key objectives:

  • Provision of additional teaching space to accommodate a projected increase in pupil numbers from 66 currently to 75 by 2012.

    Soon to be demolished centre

  • Creation of up-to-date facilities which respond to the school’s educational vision, including a new hydrotherapy pool and specialist teaching rooms.
  • Provision of outdoor landscaped areas suitable for outdoor learning and play in comparison with the current site which has minimal outdoor play facilities.
  • Creation of a landmark building that will successfully communicate the ethos of the school through good design.


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