New Fast Food Shop Returns

566 Mile End Road change of use to fast food outlet application submitted for third time. Last day for comments Wednesday 1st December

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Click image to get LBTH report to the Overview and Scrutiny Committee.

Yes the “566” application is back with documents recently submitted on the 18th October and added on the LBTH planning website¬† – see here PA/10/01611 Proposed change of use from A1 to A5.

Definition of use –

  • A1 Shops – Shops, retail warehouses, hairdressers, undertakers, travel and ticket agencies,
    post offices (but not sorting offices), pet shops, sandwich bars, showrooms, domestic hire shops,
    dry cleaners, funeral directors and internet cafes.
  • A5 Hot food takeaways – For the sale of hot food for consumption off the premises.

The applicant claims in the impact statement that “As the retail unit is not financially viable to operate under the current economic climate. The new hot food takeaway will enhance the character, vitality and viability of the area and street” .

10 metre high ventelation duct

Research commissioned by the Tower Hamlets Healthy Borough Programme suggests that fast food outlets are highly profitable with higher profit margins than other small retail businesses such as corner shop.

In Tower Hamlets there are 203 hot food takeaways and 604 restaurants and cafes as of September 2008(Environmental Health database). These are clustered along the main thoroughfares in the borough – Mile End being one.

Report of the LBTH Scrutiny Review Working Group on Reducing Childhood Obesity increasing the ability of healthy choices to the Overview and Scrutiny Committee – May 2010

Fast Food Outlets in Tower Hamlets and the Provision of Healthier Food Choices – A report from the London Metropolitan University.

Formal objection to the previous planning application by the Mile End Residents Association

fast food mile end

Fast Food shops in Mile End - Click image for full size.

All comments to the case officer:-

Adam Williams
The Planning Office
Mulberry Place (AH)
PO Box 55739
5 Clove Crescent
E14 2BE

Quote planning application  PA/10/01611

Or email the case officer Adam Williams at

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