Notes From The Meeting Held on 26/10/10 at the Broke Club – E3

Broke E3The club was represented by Vil since niether Benn Wilson or his buisness partner could attend. There were eight residents present.

The meeting opened with discussion about the start of Thursday  “student’s” nights on 28th October. Vil was asked whether attendance would be limited to NUS card holding  students and he said it would. It was pointed out that this was at variance with the Broke website which stated that entrance would be £3 with an  NUS card and £5 without.  Vil stated that the website was wrong about  this and would be changed.Vil was asked whether a dress code would be enforced on these  nights.  He stated it would not.  Residents feared this was the start  of a decline in standards for customers.  This was reinforced by the name of the events, which is “F**k me I’m Broke”.  This is hardly  going to attract the “better class of customer” that we were promised  at the appeal hearing.

Vil stated these events would be every other Thursday.  Again, it was pointed out that this is in variance with the website, which states they will be every Thursday.  Vil stated that the website was wrong about this as well.

Residents were concerned about the low prices of drinks – £2 per pint  of lager or cider, £2 for a spirit and mixer – and felt this would  attract undesirables.  Furthermore it went against Government policy.

A resident of Wentworth Mews had previously complained about noise break-out from the club.  He had sent a message to say that he had not experienced noise from the club in the previous month but had experienced disturbance in the early hours from the cab office at the rear of the club.

Broke class act

At the September meeting Benn Wilson had given an assurance that the signs directing customers to the designated car parks would be replaced (the original ones had been lost).  Residents stated that there had been no evidence of these so far.  Residents complained that the club’s customers were still parking in Aberavon Road and were making a noise while going to the club and returning in the small hours.

Residents also stated that there had been no evidence of the street marshals who were supposed to patrol local streets while the club was in operation.

Vil was asked about reports of an incident at the club in the early hours of Sunday 24th October when police attended.  He stated that a girl had broken a leg while dancing and had to be taken to hospital.

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The next meeting was fixed for 7:30pm on 30th November at the club.

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