Notes from the residents’ meeting at Broke London – 7th December 2010

The purpose of the meeting was liaison between the club management and local residents, of whom 9 were present, representing both sides of the Mile End Road, including members of Mile End Residents’ Association and Eaton Terrace Residents’ Association.

The club was represented by Benn Wilson and Dante Williams. Benn Wilson introduced Dante Williams who would be joining the Broke team from the Troxy in Commercial Road and who has experience in promotion and in liaison with residents. Residents reported that there had been disturbances since the last meeting, principally in Aberavon Road. The nights of 30th October and 5th November had been particularly noisy. It was clear that the club’s customers were continuing to park in local streets and that club door staff were not taking any action on this.

Residents asked for clarification about Thursday’s “student” nights; would these be weekly or fortnightly? Benn stated that only one event had been held on a Thursday – on the 28th October as a pilot. The club planned to reconsider their introduction after the New Year with Dante’s help. Residents asked for clarification about whether the events would be open to all or restricted to card-holding students only. Benn confirmed it would be students only. Residents asked whether there was a formal link between the club and the Students’ Union at QMUL. Benn stated there was an ad-hoc relationship with students. He undertook to provide the name of his contact at the University.

There followed a discussion about street marshals. Benn stated these had been used when the club first opened but they had been discontinued because the club decided they were not needed. Residents disagreed. The club assured residents that marshals would be deployed if a need arose for this. Dante suggested the introduction of a residents’ hot line that could be used to report disturbances.

A discussion followed about the club web site ( Benn agreed that it was out of date and stated that it would be revised and updated in the New Year.

Residents enquired about club opening over the Christmas period. Benn stated: The club would not open on Friday 10th December nor on Saturday 25th December.

The club would open on Friday 24th December and on Friday 31st December.

The club were considering opening on Sunday 26th December under a Temporary Event Notice.

Other dates would be announced.

A follow-up meeting was fixed for Tuesday 4th January at 7:30pm.

Many thanks to the Quiet Night Group

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