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The Tower Hamlets Core Strategy soon to be published will effect all planning decisions for the next 15 years. It aims to deliver 43,200 new homes in the borough with the population increasing by over a third (80,000 people). Tower Hamlets is accepting 10% of London’s development in a borough of under 8 square miles. This has earned Tower Hamlets the nick name of “developers delight”

EastendHomes who are to build on the Eric & Treby Estates are presently in breach of planning control and appear to be thumbing their noses at the Members of the Planning Committee, LBTH Planning department and residents of our estates.

The Planning Department at LBTH have made it clear to EastendHomes that as a large organisation their actions are undermining public confidence in the planning system and the ability of the Council to properly discharge its function to regulate development in the area. It is not only here on Eric and Treby that breaches of conditions attached to the planning permission have been identified but also there is ongoing enforcement action on St Georges Estate – another EastendHomes developement.

We have received comments from Bernie Cameron (chair of the Mile End Estate Management Board and “Resident of the Year“) that we should approach the board with any queries we have about the building works. This we did at a meeting held on 10th June. (download minutes here). The result was Zero! Despite chasing him up.

Attention please the local Mile End Estate Management Board. Look and Learn as you fail to understand the difference between comments submitted  as part of a democratic process and complaints.  Here is an example of a comment:-

  • The construction management plan for the Eric and Treby Development does not effectively address the movement of large vehicles to multiple building sites in a highly residential area and in its present form presents serious health and safety concerns for residents and visitors to our estates.

And a complaint:-

  • These chips are too hot.

To help residents of the borough have a say in how their environment will be shaped over the next few years LBTH planning have produced a short, animated film to make it easier for residents to understand how they can have their say on local planning issues and get involved in consultation activities and you can it is your right.

The film is available in English and Bengali, or with Bengali subtitles.

You can read more here on the Tower Hamlets website

The Council welcomes any comments on planning applications, whether in support of an application or an objection to it. To find out more about commenting on planning applications read this advice note  How can I comment on a planning application? (pdf 48k) or search for current individual planning applications (very slow interactive map)

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