Police Update 11.15pm, Friday 12th August

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There is an understandable need for up to date information concerning the disturbances across London and in particular how this affects Tower Hamlets.

At the time of writing, 11.15pm, Friday 12th Aug, there are no new reports of disorder in Tower Hamlets overnight.

This will be due, in part, to the extra police resources being deployed within the borough and across London.

Following a series of raids across Tower Hamlets and Dagenham Friday morning as part of a pro active intelligence led operation (part of Operation Withern) four men aged 20, 21,17 and 19 were arrested on suspicion of burglary in connection with the disorder in Tower Hamlets on 8 August. They are all currently in custody at east London police stations.

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To help us capture and convict those concerned in the rioting, please visit www.met.police.uk , or call 0208 345 4142, where a police officer will take your call. This line is dedicated to received information in connection with the riots.

(Images from events in Hackney)

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