Police Update – Tuesday 16th August

Sooper Looters

Fortunately things now seem to have calmed down around the Borough. The Metropolitan Police report that 22 of Londons 32 boroughs saw serious disorder last Monday night.

Large numbers of police continued to be on duty across London to deal with any trouble and provide reassurance. The general picture across London at present is one of ‘business as usual’. There have been no significant issues overnight and no reports of any disorder. A similar number of officers were on the streets yesterday evening (Monday) This will be reviewed on a daily basis.

The Metropolitan Police Service has now arrested a total of 1,635 people in connection with violence, disorder and looting, and recovered a variety of stolen goods including TV’s and mobiles. 940 of these have been charged.

  • In total the Operation Withern investigation team includes around 500 officers. The enquiry is being led by the Homicide & Serious Crime Command with support from detectives, uniformed officers and police staff from across the MPS.
  • We estimate that we currently have around 20,000 hours of CCTV footage to view, although this is likely to significantly increase as we gather further material
    from CCTV, the public and other sources.
  • Operation Withern has 125 officers dedicated to going through CCTV this weekend.
  • Forensic and crime scene examiners have been working on more than 800 crime scenes.
  • More than 200 forensic submissions have already been made to labs.
  • There have been around 7.5million views of the suspect images on the Met Flickr account.

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