Post Christmas Ennerdale Rubbish Update – 28th December

Bins located – but no clear indication of what goes where.

....and lo it came to pass just prior to Christmas - Extra bins arrive outside Ennerdale House.

After collection today it seems unimportant where refuse goes as contaminated purple bins get tipped in with recycleable waste from around the estates (Thursday 30th December).

The situation outside Ennerdale has improved re the ongoing rubbish situation. One oversight was not informing residents what should go where. Though it is worth noting that by Christmas Eve when the extra bins appeared the purple recycle bins were already contaminated. The general waste was collected on Monday 27th December but the recycle bins remain contaminated with general waste.

This refuse should be sorted into smaller bags say EEH

Access not a H&S issue at other EEH tower blocks

Access to the skip to the rear of the block was blocked due to regeneration work on Friday 29th October 2010 with no warning. Residents were later (5 days later and again on the 13th December – See here) informed by EastendHomes that non-recyclable refuse should be sorted into small bags and placed in the chute. Now after all this time access to the skip has been deemed a health and safety risk. Though EastendHomes do still grit access to in slipery weather for British Street tower block dwellers to get to the bins without slipping over.

Tower Hamlets Refuse Collection told us that:-

  • they had NOT been advised by EastendHomes of the change to the refuse collection arrangements.
  • were UNAWARE OF THE REFUSE PROBLEM at Ennerdale House caused by the change in refuse collection arrangements by Telford Homes.

So it seems EastendHomes are unable to communicate with both residents and relevant Council Officers. Or possibly Andy Osborne (Project Manager) was unaware of the possibility of problems – or was just unaware…….

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