Power Cut 14th July – response from EDF

EDF have sent us their response to explain several power cuts that recently stopped lifts, effected water supplies and cut the lights in many Eric and Treby homes. The latest one was on 14th July 2010.

This is what they said……

Thank you for your call and I’m sorry to hear about the repeat power cuts at your premises. I realise how disruptive this can be to everyday life.

Our local Network Management Team have been aware of the problem and we have determined that the interruptions have been caused by an intermittent fault on our Low Voltage Underground Cable.

Many faults arise due to cables being damaged by third parties excavating in the footpaths and carriageway. Often incidents of minor damage are simply not reported, leaving us unaware of any problem. Over time water seeps into damaged cables resulting in a fault and loss of supply. The passage of fault current dries out the dampness in the cable with the result that when our engineers attend site there is no permanent fault, the fuse is replaced at the substation and supplies are restored. Regrettably, this can occur a number of times before the fault becomes permanent. I can see from our records that the fault has been located and a permanent repair has been made.

Whilst I cannot guarantee that you will not suffer any further interruptions, please be assured that every effort is being made to improve the overall reliability of your electricity supply.

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