Power cut – yet another one!

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Saturday 18th December – Power cut

Yet again on Saturday residents and businesses on Eric & Treby Estates had to cope with a power cut. One of the phases in the supply went down resulting in around half the flats in Ennerdale House and some of the shops in Hamlets Way being without power from 08.45.

This is particularly tiresome for residents in tower blocks like Ennerdale House because the lifts shut down, the water pumps stop (our housing provider is responsible for water supply above the 3rd floor) and the central heating ceases to function. Not ideal during an arctic blizzard. Though one can always warm up on the stairs by posting last minute Christmas cards.

Due to the frequency of these power cuts we shall again be contacting UK Network Power (formerly known as EDF) for an explanation as this has recently become a recurring problem, See previous post here and here

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During a follow up call on Monday 20th to UK Network Power we were told that the fault was caused by an over load on one of the phases (of the phase 3 supply). They said they had “spread the load accross the other phases” It was pointed out to Network Power that this was not the first time one of the phases had gone down recently and perhaps an investigation into the cause would be an idea.

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