Residents’ meeting at Boheme London (formerly Broke)

NOTES of a residents’ meeting at Boheme London, 562a Mile End Road.

The meeting took place on Tuesday 22nd February 2011 at 7:30pm.
The purpose of the meeting was liaison between the club management and local residents, of whom 7 were present, representing both sides of the Mile End Road, including members of Mile End Residents’ Association and Eaton Terrace Residents’ Association.

The club was represented by Dante Williams.

It was noted that the club had been closed for the whole of January for re-branding; its name has changed from Broke to Boheme. The club had reopened on Friday 4th February, was open on Saturday 5th but closed early, was open on Friday 11th, closed on the 12th, open on the 18th and closed on the 19th. Dante stated that the club would open on Friday nights only for the time being until business picked up. The club’s management were actively seeking corporate events to host on Thursdays and one was planned for 31st March.

Residents stated that they had experienced little disturbance since the reopening. There was however still some concern about noise leakage from the club and this was affecting the residents of Wentworth Mews. Dante stated that he would carry out some sound level measurements at the flats to determine which frequencies were causing the trouble. Lene offered to help obtain access to the balconies.

Dante stated that he was to take a more active role in the club’s management from now on but that Benn Wilson would remain the licensee. The strategy of the team was to seek a more mature clientele – this should benefit both the club and local residents. A team member had been designated to look after the streets surrounding the club in order to ensure the club’s customers caused no nuisance. This person would patrol local streets wearing a hi-vis jacket during the time the club was open and would concentrate particularly on Aberavon Road and Rhondda Grove.

Dante stated that the club wished to be seen as a resource for the local community and invited suggestions for events and functions that could be held there to benefit the community and to utilise the resource. It could be made available for parties, family gatherings, residents’ meetings etc. The club planned to hold a Ceroc* event in mid-May and they hoped residents from the neighbourhood would attend this. Details would be advertised in the local press. There were also thoughts of starting a weekly Salsa evening.

A follow-up meeting was fixed for Tuesday 29th March at 7:30pm.

Many thanks to the Quietnights Group
23 February 2011.
* Ceroc: A stylish dance, sometimes referred to as ‘Modern Jive’, a fusion of Salsa, Ballroom, Hip
Hop, Tango and Jive. The name is thought to be a corruption of the French “c’est rock”.

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