Rubbish building up on……Bow Trinity

Eric & Treby….

…..now known as ‘Bow Trinity’

A quick run down on the rubbish on our Bow Trinity estate – now on fix my street. Click images for details.

A selection of public realm problems building up on the Eric & Treby….….Bow Trinity Estate this Bank Holiday weekend. If you spot any other things that may need fixing go to “Fix My Street” and report it.

Ennerdale House  E3 Beckley House  E3 Treby St/Eric St. E3 End of Treby St. E3

Read on after the jump to see some of the improvements made on Eric & Treby….
Ooops sorry Bow Trinity today.

Ennerdale House E3 Improvement here though the rolled up carpet plus other items had been around for nearly a week. Beckley House E3 again improvement Treby St/Eric St. E3 Fixed today End of Treby St. E3. Presently solved

From 1st September Telford Homes will be opening up  the sales office for the ‘Bow Trinity’ housing development on Bow Common Lane. This is your chance to go down and slap 5 grand on an off plan “hobbit home” prior to the second phase of the double dip recession. This (if the Telford business plan runs to schedule) will ensure you stand a sporting chance of loosing your deposit thus adding to the £70 million plus of public money Telford Homes have already trousered via the HCA.

Picture this…… relaxing on your own galvanised steel balcony slurping on pure mango juice and chomping on muesli and looking down on the proletariat queuing for their dwindling benefits at the post office below before donning the required lycra mini shorts for the daily  lycro – psycho  – cyclo – sprint down the Regents…… Pinch yourselves cos yur about to live the dream at Beckett Court – Bow Trinity (previously known as Mile End)







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