Safer Neighbourhood Team meeting at Burdett Neighbourhood Centre – 7th July.

The SNT team is very busy at the moment and most of the members were out undertaking various operations and other duties so were not able to attend this particular meeting.

But Sgt Redmond and PC Tony Smith were there (on their bikes) to take note of residents’ concerns and issues.

Two new PSP’s (publicly set priorities, i.e. decided by residents) were set:

For the SNT to patrol and deal with drug use in the stair wells

  1. on the Bede estate and
  2. in Berkeley House on the British Street estate

’You Decide’ money was allocated to the Mile End East SNT but has since that was decided by the public been reduced and re-allocated to JET (Joint Enforcement Team) and CID (Criminal Investigation Department).

There could be a positive aspect of this re-distribution as the money could be spent on e.g. specific drugs operations. The borough commander, Paul Rickett, is being asked at the moment by LAP 6 and other residents for an explanation. Under all circumstances, ALL the ’You Decide’ money will be used in the Mile End East ward. We await the commander’s explanation.

There will be a public meeting at the end of this month – Thursday 29 July 7pm at the Centre on the British Street estate – where the SNT will provide an update since the last public meeting (which was held in January) and discuss new concerns that residents have, relating to crime and anti-social behaviour that is experienced in our area.

The team would like to identify key issues that they can then work on.

MERA encourage residents to go the meeting; our local SNT team consists of approachable PCSO’s (Police Community Support Officers) and PC’s (Police Constables) whose interest is the safety of local people. They are willing to listen and to follow up the issues that are brought to their attention.

Meet the Mile End East Team and see the list of future meetings

This link has information about the latest police action in the borough.


Click banner above to contact the Safer Neighbourhood Team.

In the event of an emergency always dial 999 – for all other calls to the Metropolitan Police Service please dial 0300 123 1212

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