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We listen to the concerns of the community and our priorities are set by local people who sit on a neighbourhood panel. You said the following priorities were important to you:

  • Youth anti-social behaviour
  • Drugs
  • Anti-social behaviour

We have done the following to tackle these priorities:

Anti-social behaviour
The team are continuing to focus on youth disorder particularly around the Bede Estate and Eric Street area. We have been working with local Registered Social Landlords and East End Homes and utilising resources such as CCTV evidence, to build cases against persistent offenders causing anti-social behaviour with a view to obtaining Anti-Social Behaviour Orders. This could also lead to breaches in their tenancy contracts. We have also been focusing our efforts on tackling anti-social behaviour in the Burdett Estate by increasing our patrols in targeted areas. We also link in with local youth services to divert young people into more constructive activities.

Burglary update
PCSO Blair recovered stolen property from a burglary and through forensic examination; the suspect was arrested and received a custodial sentence.

Tackling drugs
Following complaints of drugs misuse around a small area of grassland in Ackroyd Drive, your Safer Neighbourhoods team set about resolving the issue. The team established that drug paraphernalia, including hypodermic needles, had been discarded in amongst a secluded area. Officers worked with partner agencies to immediately clear the contaminated area of dangerous objects.
We also completed an environment audit and implemented changes to prevent further misuse. We have also given advice to registered drug users as to how to be responsible when discarding potentially dangerous materials, along with providing information on outreach programs. This collaborated action has transformed this area and is again safe for all to enjoy. We are also concentrating our efforts on tackling drug offences across the ward by increasing our patrols in targeted areas. Our initiatives include completing stop and search for drugs and stairwell sweeps of estates.

Safeguard your mobile phone
As many as 10,000 mobile phones are stolen every month. Two thirds of the victims are aged between 13 and 16. Many phones are also stolen from unattended cars. Remember to obtain your IMEI number which is a 15 digit number unique to your phone. Then register your mobile phone at Immobilise helps police identify the owner of lost & stolen property thousands of times each day. ‘

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