SNT Ward Panel meeting held Wednesday 15 December 2010

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At the meeting Sgt Redmond went through a survey with the purpose of consulting residents on the structure of Safer Neighbourhood Teams, their locations and what they do.

Financial cuts are imminent (will take effect in April 2011) but he will argue that the Mile End East team stays as it is based on the work load being realistic to the requirements of the area, so no more and no less members in the team.

Residents present at the meeting agreed with this as well as with the suggestion that merging teams would decrease service as the team members would have to come from further away on a call.

The police are interested in more residents’ views and the survey can be taken on-line here The questions will gather your thoughts about neighbourhood policing in your area and will play a valuable part in shaping plans for the future of neighbourhood policing in London. It will be available until the 21st January 2011.

Get in touch with us if you are interested in more background information before you do the survey – or if you prefer a hard copy instead (that way you can add your own comments). Alternatively get in touch with the SNT directly with your comments (details below).

The Ennerdale House PSP (publicly set priority) was extended as the block is still busy with anti-social behaviour; now the work will focus on solving the problem of why the young people  congregate in the stairwells. There is work going on trying to get them involved in more useful things like football programmes. Patrols will also be increased when the SNT is on duty, this includes evenings.

There has been a number of burglaries from houses around the Hamlets Way/Mossford Street area. These have mainly been due to poor security of the homes. So the police asked us to help get the message out, the importance of securing your homes, keep windows/doors shut and locked especially sash windows. In the last few weeks the SNT have held crime prevention stalls and been on the buses to promote overall safety. (Download advice leaflet – PDF – visit the Home Office Website – or see Crime prevention on DirectGov)

We meant to ask the team for a photograph – but we forgot, maybe next meeting…

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