So… What’s it worth?

Lights - state of the art!

In the approved plans for Eric & Treby Estates a figure of £2.209,296 was given for spending on “Environmental works including Security/Lighting, Landscaping Car Parking, Paving, Play Equipment.

On the left we see what was planned and featured in the “Design Access & Landscaping Statement” from the plans passed by LBTH – state of the art lighting to be positioned at over 30 places on the estates. Plans and designs produced in consultation with D W Windsor – Street lighting specialists.

Compare the prices of traditional play equipment and the wood stuff proposed by the developer.



play equipment This traditional play equipment
costs £14,961
Stiding stilts The price for
the Striding Stilts shown in the revised plans for play space is £493
play equipment This traditional play equipment
very similar to equipment featured in the approved plans costs £3.551
wig wam The price for the Wigwam in the revised plan is £680.

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