Southern Grove – What is happening? 1

…..a good question. Maybe we should ask? This post will hopefully expand as information becomes available…. nurse pass the Novocaine please.

Area designated as "Southern Grove" site by LBTH

On Wednesday 12th January 2011 the refreshed LBTH Cabinet will consider an update on Building Schools for the Future Programme. (Download agenda item here). In amongst the details for consideration are some of the plans for the “Southern Grove Site” (shown in red in the diagram). From item 7.1 – Update on Building Schools for the Future Programme we can gleam that our Council have plans to relocate the Beatrice Tate School to the area. Use money from the schools existing site plus any gains from additional residential build at Southern Grove to fund the school

Those of you who walk down Southern Grove may have noticed a while back at the beginning of November some exploratory boring going on – a sure sign that some kind of development is in the pipeline.

Word on the street (well around the resource centre) is that a change is coming. All this should come as no surprise really for those that can be bothered to trawl the Internet for obscure documents. Plans have been cooking for this site for ages. Here is the 2003 Draft Planning Brief for the site. A little out of date now. The economic playing field has altered slightly.

Now on to the next point….. from a recent Freedom of Information request to the Council information emerged on Christmas Eve (see here) that the architects for the Beatrice Tate School will be Avanti and work (still to be confirmed) will commence in February 2012 under “batch 4” of the Building Schools for the Future programe

So test borings have been completed – the Beatrice Tate School looks destined to move to Southern Grove – cross subsidy from the existing school site will be used along with profit from additional revenue raised from the Southern Grove site. Architects have been appointed…..

So how come we don’t know?

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