St Clement’s Hospital – inside story 2

Pictures taken in May 2007 by Tank, Sick and Zero after a tip off from Lightening1975, apparently. Found in The UK Urban Exploration Forums.

The buildings were originally built in 1848-49 as a workhouse, for the Board of Guardians of the City of London Union. It became an infirmary for the CLU in 1874, and in 1912 the Bow Institution for the long-term sick. In 1936 it became a psychiatric unit, under the St Clements name again. It became part of the London Hospital in 1968 and went through various organisational changes until closure in 2005. Services were transferred to a new Adult Mental Health Facility at Mile End Hospital in October 2005.

The site is now owned by the Homes & Communities Agency, who intend to create up to 275 new dwellings on the site. Local campaigners are advocating that it become the site of the UK’s first urban Community Land Trust.

The HCA plan to sell off the site to private developers . The East London Community Land Trust would like to build 200 quality homes on the site. They will be putting in a bid as part of the HCA competitive tender process.

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2 thoughts on “St Clement’s Hospital – inside story

  • linda

    this hospital has truamtized me from the age of 15 my mum was hospitlized here for a while on several occassions with depression an went through etc electric shock treatment.i had to be dragged up here to visit my mum bless her. i was frightened of the screaming dribbling patients that were in here like something out of a horror movie….. an the one man that my mum liked was found upstairs he had hung him self he was just an alcholic shocking place a women called rosemary use to sit an cry an she would always leave the hospital an come back pregnant never knrew if she kept or had the babies so scary