STOP PRESS – Coniston House residents petition – some success!

Coniston Update

Confirmation received from LBTH Planing of delivery of the hard copy of the petition from Coniston residents asking that the planned car park and play area be returned as soon as possible as shown in the approved plans. In the back dated planning application the developers say this will happen by December 2013.

The previous petition from residents of Coniston House sent to Owen Whalley, Head of Planning and Development Control at Tower Hamlets Council pointed out concerns about:-

  • the recent excavation of the grass and soil and tarmaccing of “Open Space 2” (the space in the middle of the Coniston House blocks), part of the Eric & Treby Street development – with no prior notice and no notified indication of why it is there
  • the lack of any indication in the Construction Management Plan of any works in this area other than those relating to the redevelopment of the Open Space for recreational purposes.
  • the general lack of any attention to health and safety issues on this site by the contractor Telford Homes plc
  • the breach of planning permission and planning conditions
  • the generally very poor level of communication with residents
  • the total lack of notification to residents of Coniston House of any works in their area and the timing of works (eg the development of the undercroft; the development of the open space).

Coniston House
After Owen Whalley received the petition he swiftly took action and Planning Control informed EastendHomes that they would have to have to apply for planning permission for the temporary car park within 28 days (from 16th August) The deadline passed and nothing was received by LBTH planning.
In his letter to Owen Whaley (Head of Planning) EEH Project Manager said

“It would appear that we have inadvertently fallen foul of trying to satisfy the majority of residents by providing sufficient off-street car parking spaces upsetting some residents by failing to communicate the temporary nature of the car parking”.

Read letter here

We received information today from LBTH planning that finally (nearly a month late) EastendHomes have submitted the documentation for public consultation and a decision from the planners. See it here PA/10/01998.

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