The real art of consultation

Eric & Treby (also known as Bow Trinity) public space and play areas up for consultation.

From the writings of David Wood Architects, found in the planning application to discharge condition 9 (scheme of landscaping) of Planning Permission for Eric & Treby.  Submitted with records of resident consultation carried out by Eastend Homes on 25″‘ May and 9″‘ June 2011.


From this extensive program of resident engagement the developers deduce…

“local residents are therefore generally very supportive of the latest proposals, which is in part demonstrated by the enclosed consultation forms.”

Consultation forms submitted numbered 39 including:-

  • 1 from Ennerdale House
  • 2 from English Street
  • 1 Treby Street
  • 1 Coniston House
  • 28 from Eric Street and Wentworth Mews

Read what David Wood Architects say about our open spaces….. (comments in blue)


“currently unused strip of land” no cars parked there then

Derwent House Space 1 (Click for plan) – 8 no. parking spaces have been relocated from the small adjacent parking court to a currently unused strip of land alongside a private service road to the north of Windermere House. This has enabled the size of the open space to increase, encompassing the previously isolated green spaces proposed at the end of Maplin Street.

As well as “encompassing the previously isolated green space” The developer has been able to find a few M² which they were obliged to do after the “inadvertent” 40% increase of the car parks on Eric Street.

Coniston House Space 2 (Click for plan) — The development of the landscaped / play area follows close consultation with PATH and local residents.

This close consultation clearly evidenced by the one consultation form gleamed from Coniston House.

Health & Safety concerns prevent access

Condemned on British – Click to enlarge

Winderemere House Spaces 3 & 4 (Click for plan) — The parking courts within these two open spaces have been inadvertently laid out slightly larger than approved, but the modified (yes “modified” is now the new inadvertent!™) design of the associated landscaped areas and play spaces have been well received by the local residents in the immediate vicinity of these areas. Since their completion the spaces have been utilised and maintained on a regular basis by the residents.

(Amazingly it seems the inadvertently™ but meticulously modified  area is all part of the great design – ground breaking eh?)

Beckley House Space 6 (Click for plan) — The development of the landscaped / play area follows close consultation with PATH and local residents.

Yet again this close consultation produced a stunning one consultation form from Beckley House. The consultation with PATH is surely admirable but it should be noted that despite consultation with PATH on British Street the developers went on to construct dangerous play areas that were condemned for safety breaches and had to be dug up and done again.

Loweswater House Space 7 (Click for plan) – The development of the landscaped / play area follows close consultation with PATH and local residents.

(No consultation forms from Loweswater!)


2nd attempt at play space on British – this useless piece of metal now removed

Derwent House Space 9 (Click for plan) – This space has been increased as an area of tarmac between new build sites 1 and 2A is no longer required by the Council‘s Highways Department for servicing of the existing and new buildings. Additionally, PATH and local residents favoured a ‘kick- about’ area as designed in lieu of a fenced ball court.

True some residents were in favour an open spontaneous play area rather than the formal space previously proposed which would be unused as entry would have been via the community centre been restricted due to EEH staffing issues, besides kids don’t book a kickabout in advance.. But the timber railway sleepers set into the ground were not what we were shown at the consultation events.

Playgound behind Beckley as in original plans

Residents on Eric & Treby Estate could be forgiven for feeling short changed over plans for landscaping on the Estates. Rather than the equipment featured in the approved plans and featured in the “Design Access & Landscaping Statement” the developers have other plans. On the left we see what was planned and featured in the “Design Access & Landscaping Statement” submitted and passed by LBTH Development Committee. Note the safety surface. Needs geo-textile mating for a base then rubber tiles at £72 for just one square metre. No wonder Eastend Homes are so keen to push the Cow garden style grassy lumps and bumps.

No privacy for Derwent residents

Another issue that has not been addressed is the bad design to the rear of  the old  Ennerdale car park where the piece of open grass recently liberated by the developers will, when works are completed, be accessible to the public. The oversight here is that the ground floor flats in Derwent will lose privacy with public able to see into living rooms and bedrooms


Well time has passed and the the promised public open spaces on Eric & Treby have not quite materialised…. The space that was public by the old walkway and the former car park but was taken away then given back in the reganeration still

Martin Young in the forbidden garded

Martin Young in the forbidden garden – Click to enlarge

remains locked up. It was opened for a day last year for the residents open day. See the picture of the ex Chair of the EEH Board holding his balls on the crazy golf they set up.

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