The rubbish situation at Ennerdale House is RUBBISH!!!

Message for Ennerdale Houes residents

Residents of Ennerdale House E3 have nowhere to put black kitchen rubbish bin liners except for the two small bins at the end of Derwent House. For the past six weeks and it appears for the future they will not have access to the skip at the back of the block anymore and rubbish is being put in communal areas because people don’t know what to do…..

If your rubbish is too big to fit down the chute on the landings:

  • PLEASE put your rubbish in the Derwent House skips – the green doors you see when you come out of Ennerdale.
  • PLEASE ONLY put recyclable stuff in the purple skips – to the left of the exit. Only use the pink bags

If rubbish gets mixed in with the recyclable stuff the skips will not be collected by the Council’s recycling people. Instead it will all go to landfill as all rubbish does. If you do not wish to recycle please don’t go to the recycling area at all.

The Derwent skips get full very quickly but that is a problem EastendHomes and the Council will have to deal with. MERA have complained to both about the situation. More frequent collections would make the most sense, alternatively provide an extra skip for us.

The best we, the residents, can do in this very bad situation is try to put our rubbish in the best place to make sure it gets collected – and not left behind for days on end.

If you want to get rid of large items – like sofas, beds, cupboards, washing machines – ring the Council’s collection service: 020 7364 5004. It will take them 5 days to collect so plan ahead.

Before recycling collection Thursday morning 9th Dec 2010

Some tips for recycling:

  • Any plastic bottles can go in – shampoo, bleach, water and milk plastic cartons (but NO other types of plastic, ONLY bottles). Give them a rinse.
  • Newspapers, pizza leaflets, envelopes, toilet rolls, telephone directories
  • Only use the pink bags! Black bags, Tesco bags etc will contaminate the whole skip and it won’t be emptied, and the recyclable things in the skip will not actually be recycled.
  • Recycling is collected from outside Ennerdale House on Thursday mornings.

Also see EastendHomes – let us make it simple for you……

Finally cleared by the caretakers. Continued advice is to put rubbish by Derwent House and ONLY recycling here.