Vandals hit Cemetery Park again

Vandals have struck at a war memorial in Tower Hamlets Cemetery ParkĀ  for the second time in six months last Sunday night. Again thieves attempted to remove a bronze plaque. Although they left empty-handed, it will still cost thousands of pounds to repair the monument in Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park in Bow.

It follows an incident in August when a plaque was stolen but later returned.

The memorial, which commemorates East Enders who died in both World Wars, has 16 plaques bearing war victims’ names.

The Friends of Cemetery Park have confirmed that the incident happened sometime between 0530 on Sunday 9th January and 0850 on Monday 10th January.

“We the Friends are shocked and appalled to see the memorial damaged once in again in a short four month period, so soon after its repair in time for remembrance Sunday in November,” they said in a statement.

The damage has been reported to the Commonwealth War Graves Commission, police and the London Borough of Tower Hamlets. The park’s liaison officer, Ken Greenway, said it would cost several thousand pounds to repair the damage to the plaques and reinstall them.

One of the damaged plaques - vandals attempted to remove the metal plaque from the memorial

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