What is Fix My Street?

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FixMyStreet is a site to help people report, view, or discuss local problems they’ve found to their local council by simply locating them on a map. It launched in early February 2007.

How do I use Fix My Street?

Click here to report a problem in the Mile End area. Locate where the problem is on the map and click. Easy to follow instructions will appear to the left of the page to help you report your problem.

You can report problems in other areas by entering a postcode here. After entering a postcode or location, you are presented with a map of that area. You can view problems already reported in that area, or report ones of your own simply by clicking on the map at the location of the problem.

The scene in Treby Street 5th July 2010

We reported this recycle bins on the corner of Eric and Treby Street on Monday evening - lets see what happens.

Please see update here

FixMyStreet is primarily for reporting things which are broken or dirty or damaged or dumped, and need fixing, cleaning or clearing, such as:

  • Abandoned vehicles
  • Dog Fouling
  • Flyposting or graffiti
  • Flytipping or litter
  • Streetcleaning, such as broken glass in a cycle lane
  • Unlit lamposts
  • Potholes

What isn’t FixMyStreet for?

FixMyStreet is not a way of getting in touch with your council for all issues – please use FixMyStreet only for problems such as the above. We often route problem reports via cleansing services or highways and so using FixMyStreet for other matters may result in a delay in your report getting to the right department. You will need to contact your council directly for problems such as:

Find out more here on the “Fix My Street” Frequently Asked Questions page.

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